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  1. I have a friend from India who booked the earliest appointment date possible (October) in Bombay, and tried to arrange an expedited interview date. However, their request was rejected.
  2. I'm in Nepal. Is it included in any of those proclamations, you think?
  3. Thanks so much, Susie, for your thoughts on this, and for making this an interesting discussion. Thank you so much! Your posts really helped.
  4. Thanks so much! I missed the part in your last post specifying the program end date as the one mentioned on I-20. Good to know that! What would count as a proof that I left the US on that date? Will my plane ticket, or the immigration stamp on my home country while arriving in July 2019 count, since the US doesn't provide an exit stamp on passport?
  5. I also have a query about what counts as the end date of the program? I realize the graduation/commencement ceremony happened on May 4, 2019 (so I left the US 63 days after that date). However, in my previous I-20, it was mentioned that my program end date is 20 August 2019. So I assume I should be considering the latter? If that is the case, I left the US before the program end date, and so it means I did not "violate" the F1. Again, if it is the former (the commencement date), then I did apply for a new I-20 for OPT, but decided to leave anyway without staying a whole one year permissible time. So that would still mean I did not violate the visa, right?
  6. Yeah, I will have been out of the US for exactly a year on July 6 (five more days!). As you said, I have already received a new I-20, and am going to pay for my new SEVIS ID. According to what you said, that should be enough, right (notwithstanding the fact that the CBP may not allow me in)?
  7. I would gladly apply for a new visa if it wasn't for the fact that the US embassy in my country is closed for now, and when asked, they couldn't give a definite answer on when they'll open.
  8. Thanks so much! I left on July 7, 2019. I don't know the exact date of the completion of master's program but just know it was in early May (commencement? final exam? I will check with my previous university). But either way, hypothetically, if someone received a new I-20 (after applying for OPT) and then left the U.S. after 60 days from program completion (and, say, a few weeks after new I-20 receipt date), will it be a violation of the F1? I applied for an OPT and received a new I-20, but left after receiving a better job offer at home country.
  9. Woah, thanks so much for this. I really hope that this is true (I am not doubting you, but also, many other posters here sound confident that I should take another visa, so I am just confused). But thanks for this, this helps.
  10. "Multiple uses of a visa must be for the same purpose of travel allowable on the type of visa you have." Regarding this part: under the 'annotation' section of my previous visa, under some serial number, my previous university name is mentioned. This made me wonder if the "same purpose of travel" mentioned in the above point is violated since I will no longer be attending the same university. However, the university immigration official said that the name mentioned in the visa does not matter because students transfer to different universities all the time.
  11. Yes, she understands it. I just emailed just in case, to which she said (she is being super prompt) that I did maintain status while I was here, and that I can still use the same visa, and that I will get a new stamp on it when I re-enter.
  12. Your response is very much in line with the university immigration officer's response. I just emailed her about the significance of the "d/s" note on my immigration stamp, and she responded this: "This is good – you want that stamp! It means as long as you maintain the F1 Status, the visa will continue to be eligible for you." This is making me even more confused, hahah
  13. Ahhh, I see. I did get an immigration stamp with "d/s" written on it. I didn't know the significance of that. Thanks!
  14. Thanks, Nancy. How do I find out if the visa was D/S? Or, is it the same for all F1 visas?
  15. Thanks, milimelo. Any reason you'd say that? Do you think the immigration officers at both the universities are missing something? For now, those who said..... ....I don't need a new visa: My previous university international office official; my new university international office official ....I need a new visa: the US embassy, and you I'm soooo confused 😕
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