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  1. Personal experience, I only had the paper I-94 card that was stapled onto my passport from before automation. This is ok sending front and back copies. I filled for AOS in 2020. I couldn’t find my i94 records online either. Attached is a file showing all different kinds of i94 used currently and prior. Hth. https://www.ice.gov/doclib/sevis/pdf/i94-quick-reference-guide.pdf
  2. My experience renewing expired D.L to REAL ID in Michigan. In year 2020/2021. Renewals done at the Secretary of State. Jan, 2020 - booked appointment online by selecting open slots an day before. 1st appt - Took i797C receipt for I-485, marriage license, expired immigration documents (passport, F1 visa, social security card). All documents scanned and inquiry sent to SAVE for verification of status. Took 3 days for ok. Renewed D.L. Limitations for 1 year, Not to be used for federal identification. Received D.L on Feb. 12th Feb, 27th 2020 - received combo EAD and AP card. July 16th 2021 - receive G.C August 2nd - went to SOS to update and remove limitations and get REAL id. SOS advised to get name change 1st with Social Security Office and get system updated. August 6th - went back to SS and file for new unrestricted ssc. Took GC, marriage. Certificate. August 12th - went back to Secretary Of State to apply for Real ID. August 17 - received SSC August 23 - received new REAL ID. Now, I am running around changing my name at the banks, insurance card etc
  3. Well…you are right!!!!!🙂 I gotta have the ss changed or an update in the system to get the update for DL.
  4. I renewed my d.l in feb 2021 using i485 receipt Noa1. They had to verify using SAVE. It took like 3 days before they got any feedback from USCIS to let me proceed with the application. It is only valid for 1 year. Not real ID.
  5. We have just successfully adjusted my status from F1 to Permanent Resident through USC spouse. Green card (G.C) received 07.21.2021.(10 months after filling). G.C name change to husband last name. 1. Social Security card - already have one received while working in campus with limitations “work under DHS authorization”. Need to update name and remove conditions. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, appointments are 3 weeks out. I went ahead and booked. 2. My expired D.L was renewed early this year in Feb. Used i797 receipt showing adjustment in progress.Only valid for a year until Feb 2022. I would like to update my D.L. Appointment is today. Hopefully I can update to my new name and to Real ID without a problem. Anyone with experience doing this? Do I need the SS card before updating the DL?
  6. Mine is taking like 10 days; Interview date 07.12.2021 - 07.22.2021 G.C is expected to be delivered. Timeline is below: 07.20 - usps tracking shows package in distribution center 1hr away.😁 07.19; - the Post Office picked up mail containing your new card. Tracking #…… - i797c approval notices of i485 mail received with name change - i797 notice with reopening i485 case received. 07.16 - card has been mailed to you.(email) - reopened case (email) - received i797c approval notices for i130 and i485 with maiden name 07.14 - i485 finally case is approved (email) 07.14 - i485 case is reopened (email) 07.13 - i485 card in production (email) 07.13 - i130 case is approved (email) 07.13 - i485 case is reopened (email) 07.12 - i130 initial review (email) 07.12 - i485 card in production (email) 07.12 - interview
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