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  1. Hi! My my visa has annotation that says: "212 (g)(2)(B) Class A or B (TB) Req. ATTN of USPHS at POE IV docs in CCD Upon endorsement serves as temporary I-551 evidencing permanent residence for 1 year" I read that upon entry to US, one will receive a notice from the county health office for an appointment. What are the medical tests to be conducted? Will there be a 3 consecutive sputum collection again? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for reassuring words. It was "ISSUED" on Oct 26 and I got my passport with visa Oct 28. 😀
  3. Hi! Just had my immigrant visa interview last Friday, Oct 21 at the US Embassy in Manila and the CO said that "all papers are in order and he'll have it approved." After I got home, I checked the CEAC status and it was from "REFUSED" (underwent sputum) to "READY". Then my case was last updated on Monday, Oct 24 and then yesterday, Oct 25 but still the status is at "READY". I was wondering if this is usually the case for others as it seems that some have their status changed to "ISSUED" immediately within the day after their interview. Do I need to contact the US Embassy in Manila about my case status? Thank you.
  4. I've always used 'ñ' in all my records (school records, PRC license, etc). Ok I won't stress myself further. Thank you.
  5. Hi! My interview will be coming up next week and I'd like to know if you can share tips like sample interview questions that were asked from you for family preference immigrant visa category (F1, F2, F3 or F4). Mine is F1/F11 (Unmarried adult child of a USC). Thanks.
  6. Sorry but just like to confirm since I have the same issue since I have an "ñ" in my family name in my birth certificate. When I went to NBI to secure my NBI clearance I was insisting that I'd want to have an AKA but they said they don't have "ñ" in their system or database. They just said that if it will be an issue at the Embassy, then present the 221G letter to them. Huh? So I'd be wasting precious time if that will happen. Thanks.
  7. Am not applying on student visa but on F1 (family preference - unmarried adult child of a USC)
  8. Okay so do I still need to request that I don't need a Joint Sponsor anymore? Or do nothing about it. My case has been DQd since 2020. Will be having my interview next month.
  9. How can I request the US Embassy in Manila to open my DS-260 so I can change my Work/Employment History since I already resigned from my work? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  10. Here's the situation: Petitioner is my father. He lives alone. In 2018, his income did not meet the Poverty Guidelines when we submitted docs to NVC Now 2022, his 2021 income meets the Poverty Guidelines since he started to work again. In 2018, since Petitioner did not meet the Poverty Guidelines, my brother agreed to be my Joint Sponsor. He lives separately from the Petitioner. He jointly files his tax with his wife and their child declared as dependent. However, his US Citizen wife and son are not leaving in the US and they reside in the Philippines since his son is studying in the university. His wife and son do not have any income. In the I-864, in Part 5: Sponsor's household size as 4 which includes me as the intending immigrant. QUESTION: 1] Does my brother need to ask his wife and his 20 year old son to submit I-864A separately (one signed by his wife and another by his son)? 2] If they filed their income jointly, what should be declared as current individual income in Part 3: item 7 by his wife and son? 3] If during the interview, if asked who lives with my brother? Should I say he lives alone or he lives with his wife and son though they are residing in the Phils but they were declared as part of household size? Thank you very much and appreciate your answers.
  11. Hopepost

    Room N

    It's different now at SLEC. Upon clearance and immunization, they will send your results directly to the Embassy. Then right after the interview at the Embassy, you are instructed to return to SLEC and claim your vaccination worksheet.
  12. To all US VISA Applicants: Please be advised that SLEC will NOT cancel your US VISA interview for you. Applicants are asked to inform the US Embassy Manila that they will not be able to attend their visa interview. Applicants whose visa interviews were scheduled by the U.S. Embassy via their online scheduling system or Call Center would need to cancel their interviews themselves. Applicants whose visa interviews were scheduled via the Department of State National Visa Center (NVC) do not need to cancel their interview. A "No Show" is an automatic cancellation. (Photo courtesy and taken at SLEC Bulletin Board - Ground Floor near the exit)
  13. Yes. At the reception, they attach a photocopy COVID-19 vaccine record (also bring original). If you have booster doses already, they will also attach a copy to your papers. They will also scan your COVID-19 vaccine record.
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