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  1. They already have all the documents and I thought they have to process the documents before they can schedule your seminar or whatever you want to call it. And how long after your phone called did you guys get your certificate?
  2. she has her phone call tomorrow 2 p.m. Filipino time so I'm hoping that they will just email it right after
  3. Hello yeah I was talking more about Airlines other than Filipino Airlines cuz the last I heard people were saying other than Filipino Airlines their flights were getting cancelled but I already got her a flight on Philippine Airlines on Wednesday as long as they will send her that CFO certificate in time
  4. I was wondering if anybody new if there is any other airlines doing flights out of the Philippines last I heard it was just Filipino Airlines I was just wondering because I was trying to get a flight on the 27th but now Philippine Airlines isn't showing a flight I'm not sure if that means they cancel that flight they're just sold out
  5. Thanks but you really have to give all that marriage certificate and everything just to have a seminar this just seems so crazy to me
  6. I really appreciate all your help you gave me if I might ask you one more thing do you happen to remember the email I was trying to look it up but I can't find nothing
  7. How do u do that because in order to register it's asking her to upload her passport and Visa
  8. Do you have to give the Visa before you can register my wife showed me a picture and she has to upload her passport and Visa
  9. Thanks for the information apparently I just found out she has to do a pre-departure seminar I wish I would have known about this sooner do you happen to know if it is hard to get appointment for this
  10. Is Philippine Airlines test facility at the Airport
  11. Thanks for the information I appreciate it
  12. What is a PCR test anyways is that different from the swab test they normally do out there
  13. So my wife's Visa was finally approved so I was just wondering it's my understanding that when traveling to the US that she has to have a covid test so I was just wondering is there a certain place that she has to go for that
  14. Man how long is this Embassy going to take it's been almost 3 weeks
  15. So r u document qualified already if so then it's just the waiting game but my understanding is they're not doing interviews for K1 but I could be wrong
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