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  1. Could you suggest why and how this might affect the new petition?
  2. And does anyone know why his old case was touched again?
  3. He just wrote the ex-relationship ended, but did not include the IMBRA waiver. Is this RFE?
  4. Hello everyone. I need advice or clarification for my friend. In May 2019, he submitted a petition to K1, the documents were approved in August. The interview was in December, but the visa was refused and immediately after that they broke up. He was friends on the Internet with another a girl and they decided to meet her. In February they met and he realized that she was the person he wanted to be with. In June 2020, he filed a new petition. The question is in several parts. He attached a letter to the petition that the past relationship was over. but didn’t indicate to drop IMBRA. Will he get an RFE? And in September on the CEAC website he saw that the old case was touched again. Tell me if anyone knows why? Before submitting a new K1, he called USCIS they said that if the ex-fiancée did not receive a visa and did not come, then he can safely submit a new petition and there are no problems, but he is very worried that his petition may be canceled. Please help with advice. Thanks to everyone who answers.
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