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  1. Thank you!! for the L1 visa extension, I just received an RFE yesterday I think I have strong evidence given the fact I got promoted and received company award published articles.. should I be worried? Will it impact the green card processing in the future?
  2. My wife and kids received AP but I’m still waiting for mine. my concern is my visa expiration, or because of Employment Authorization I’m should be ok?
  3. I tried to write in the right forum and there’s no option to delete this thread. can we move the thread to the other forum please?
  4. Hi all, I hope I’m asking the question in the right forum. i’m on L1B, and the USCIS received my I485j application in October 2023. i already did game my finger prints and received the employement authorization few months back with expiration till 2029. the priority date for final action (EB3) was Nov 2022 for 4 months which was good for me and now they move it back to December 2021 very depressing.. Assuming PD will change back to November 2022 or later next by the end of this year do i still need to wait another year+ for processing? In other words, does the PD moving back reset my queue? sorry in advance for my silly question, I’m just trying to understand what are my options giving the L1 visa limited to 5 years max.
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