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  1. They definitely did acknowledge receiving it, so just hoping they will look over it quickly! Is this something the embassy reviews or the state department? I would think the security check would be during the I-129F. I had previously interviewed at the US embassy in Dublin for a tourist visa to visit my partner's family in 2019 and that process was smooth. During my K1 interview, the interviewer scribbled out my tourist visa as well.. Thank you again for the quick replies, just hoping that it won't be terribly long.
  2. I did my interview last week (3 August) in Dublin, Ireland. I'm an Indian national though with a PhD from the UK. In prior correspondence of documents to bring to the embassy, they did not mention to bring a CV so I was caught off guard. They emailed us shortly after the interview for a CV to be sent by email which we promptly sent. Similar to you, my USC partner was living with me in Ireland before he returned to the US for a job. The interviewing official told me it could take a week or a month but I am just anxious from hearing about stories of mad processing times.
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. Did they email you to send your passport to the embassy or were there any additional documentations they needed? We're going through the same thing too.
  4. Thank you, yeah we are so close and yet it's kinda far! All the best and hopefully July sees the end of the long wait for us
  5. No they don't! we need to go and collect them.I have mine on 11 June! Hopefully, the next phase of wait would end soon!
  6. Thanks for letting me know. Aaah! Its so sad and kinda feels like wastage of time. But as you said, atleast now we know for sure. If you don't mind me asking, when is your medical at Mater? We might need to ensure they send the results soon as we need to pick the results ourselves from there.
  7. Thank you for responding. Really appreciate it. That would be great if you could please let me know. Isn't it a pity? The only reason I didn't book Medical in advance was because things were so delayed and I wasn't sure when will we get our K3 packet and I didn't want to redo it. I hope you get a response soon.
  8. Hi everyone, I had a query which I hope you will be able to provide your opinion/advice based on similar or shared experiences. There are mixed reviews and responses online so I'm hoping that maybe I will get a resolution here. In terms of Notice of Readiness, I understand it needs to be sent AFTER we have all the documents in possession including the sealed Medical Report. However, in the current instance I wanted to know since we have all the documents with us (birth certificate, police certificate, etc.) and the medical is scheduled for June, can we still go ahead and provide Notice of Readiness and have atleast the interview date finalised? I will have to physically pick up my medical report but there is an option which I checked with the hospital that if there is a scheduled interview, they can courier the sealed report directly to the embassy. In Ireland, the consulate doesn't have a provision of electronic report to them and that's why I can't opt for it. I would really appreciate your advise if we can send the Notice of Readiness now and get the interview date for June from the embassy or should I wait to get my medical done, report in hand and then write? (Also fellow Ireland members, if you can also advise how much was the time between you submitting your notice of readiness & the actual date of the interview, again I understand with the current situation, it would be quite peculiar) Thank you & kind regards
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