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  1. Well, but in my case, I went to submit my attestation of birth last week and DHL collected my passport despite the fact that it wasn’t ticked... I pray it comes out well asap
  2. How long does it take for my visa to be issued after submitting the attestation of birth cert to the embassy???
  3. Hello VJ! So, I had my interview Feb 3rd and it went smoothly(the normal and regular questions like who’s calling you, oaths...). She asked few questions, I wanted more tho... coz I was more than beyond ready in terms docs and to provide answers to any questions asked. But to my greatest surprise I was asked to go get attestation of birth certificate and DHL it to the embassy. I got to know about the attestation thing a day to my interview and it was impossible to get prior the Day. The CO said I was good to go that I should provide it quickly... I don’t know how long this will take before my visa will be issued????? I’ll be glad to see from people that had this same ish. My advice: go with your attestation of birth cert coz about 3/4 of us were asked to provide it as your birth cert/affidavit *MIGHT* be refused. It has to be done on time as it takes few days to get it done, I hope this helps someone?!!! In it and through it, I give God all the Glory 🙌
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