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  1. I have an interview in Buenos Aires for the divesity visa, I'd like to know if it's possible to pay the fees in debit or credit card. And I'd also like to know how long does it take to complete the medical exams.
  2. Hola! Tengo asignada entrevista en Buenos Aires para la visa de diversidad 2021, ¿Alguien sabe si el trámite se puede pagar con débito, tarjeta o solo aceptan efectivo en dólares?. Por otro lado, ¿Cuándo demoran los examenes médicos? Gracias
  3. I'm sorry I didn't mention it, it's for the DV2021. My case number is S2120SA2XXX, is it a high or low number? Hope everything will be back to normal by the time of my interview, I don't know how long does it take for the KCC to send me further instructions about my case, after sending the DS-260 form. I completed high school with a 12 years plan, my actual job has a bright outlook in US but it's a zone 3 job. I'm finishing my studies in international trade. No kids, no family, no husband nor boyfriend. Just me against the world 😂 My actual job requires me not to have any kind of criminal records and I have to get a police certificate every year to be able to do it (I'm currently working as a flight attendant). Thank you very much for your response, it's been really helpful. I'm going to check that website!
  4. Thank you, I read that before, but I'd like to read some experiences with the process. Like, for example, questions they made during the interview, if someone got approved, etc. I've been reading other topics and I found some information, but it was about other types of visas.
  5. Hi everyone! I'be been preselected in the visa lottery for a chance to get a green card. I wasn't really expecting anything, but here I am 😂 I completed the DS-260 form and now I'm supposed to wait for further instructions. I'd like to know more about experiences with this type of visa and how the interview is. I don't have a university degree yet and I'm not sure about how important is to have one to emigrate to the US. I've been working for an airline for the last 6 years and I'm finishing my studies in the international trade field. I can prove all my working history. And I'd also like to know if you have some information about the proccess during lockdown (we're still on lockdown here). I know that all visas must be issued by September 30 and the future is very...uncertain. Thank you!
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