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  1. We just got our approval today! Our NOA1 was February 25th. No RFE. I stopped looking everyday and then looked this morning. it’s coming everyone just be patient. ❤️
  2. Damn, thank you for that information! It was actually helpful. More helpful then I was expecting lmao
  3. For people who still have OSAP loans being paid off, how did that work when you moved to America. I’m not keeping my Canadian bank account. Will they just withdraw the monthly payment from an American account?
  4. Yes, I know they aren’t doing anything while they are closed. I was curious for when they reopened if it was an option. Personal opinions is all we have right now unfortunately.
  5. Hello everyone. my fiancé is the us citizen and he may be getting orders to move states to a different base. Does Montreal embassy expedite interviews for this reason?
  6. Why are you having trouble finding a flight? Due to the green card expiring? The airlines from Canada are still travelling to the USA.
  7. How likely is it that you’d be denied if you went the route of marrying and AOS while visiting on a k1 visa?
  8. It takes 5-7 months from NOA1 to NOA2. I wouldn’t call till after the seven month mark. I’m at 160 days since NOA1 with no RFE or NOA2 yet. It just takes time.
  9. I don’t know if it’s just me.. but how do I read this for a K1 visa. Beneficiary is from Canada.
  10. Hopefully you getting DQ’d yesterday is a good sign!
  11. That is a very positive note! I think it would much easier to wait that long if it was still possible to go and visit your spouses. But you are very right expect the worst, hope for the best. 😁 thank you.
  12. I didn’t think Montreal was 6-8 month wait, everyone else I seen only waited 4 months at the longest most got an interview within 2-3 months of their NOA2, but even still I think you’re right and next year is more realistic.
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