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  1. Oh thank you very much. Can you tell me if you replied yes to this on your i485 seeing that you reach NVC stage please?
  2. In order to return one must apply for an exemption. Including citizens and residence. That process is insane. Their are citizens who applied and locked out of their own country for a year and close to a year. We have been waiting on one for for 4 months and nothing. You cannot book any flights or enter unless you have an exemption. If one attempts to book a chartered flight or private jet they will not be allowed in unless and exemption was granted. Those are not granted in a timely or orderly manner.
  3. Does any one have experience changing from consular processing to Adjustment after being documentarily qualified? My wife is unable to return to her home country for her visa interview, because her country’s borders are closed. She is in the US visiting me. While visiting our i130 was approved and we were DQ’d at the NVC. However because her country is not letting anyone in, we have to adjust. Can some give advice on their experience please? TIA
  4. Trinidad and Tobago. Everyone trying to get Into The country citizen or otherwise has to get an exemption.
  5. My wife visited me in the US before the I-130 was approved. We are going through consular processing. She was approved while still in the US. However, her country’s borders are closed so she is unable to go home in time for the Interview. We do not want to adjust status. What can be done?
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