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  1. If the beneficiary who was granted parole and is already in the US wishes to travel outside the US and come back do they have to file form I-131? About how long does form I-131 take?
  2. EDIT: Never mind. This USCIS page has the info. Can we file form I-765 online? Have to list eligibility category to file online and one of them is "Temporary Protected Status Granted/Pending". After coming to US under the Uniting for Ukraine program does the beneficiary have to file form I-821 (TPS)? Also, can the beneficiary get a waiver for the $410 application fee?
  3. Avoid LAX if possible. Beneficiary plane landed and finished taxi at 315pm. Got out at 7pm and that was only after saying that she wasn't feeling well. They kept her and a bunch of other parolees (50-80 people) In a locked room, not allowing cell phones. "Interviews" were really slow... I had provided my beneficiary who doesnt speak any english with a statement saying where she will be staying, who will be picking her up, etc. And that seemed like it didn't help ease the process. Avoid LAX!
  4. Have you created a USCIS account for your beneficiaries? Or have they created it for themselves? There they will need to attest to having been vaccinated and what not. There's more steps to complete after your complete I-134. What do the instructions in the confirmation notice say?
  5. Hello

    I just registered after monitoring the forum for a few days.


    May I impose upon you for a few questions? despite my efforts, I can't seem to sort out the Uniting for Ukraine process.


    I submitted 2 1-134s and received a confirmation notice on June 2 (this info is in the USCIS portal under my USCIS)

    Nothing since then, Beneficiaries did not receive any emails.

    I saw where you posted you applied, set up beneficiaries accounts and received the travel authorization in one day.

    Did you need information from an email sent to the beneficiaries to set up their account? (I think you might have). I don't think it is possible to set up accounts for beneficiaries without some communicaiton to them from USCIS, unless I am mistaken.


    I seem to be stalled here- any ideas? I saw where one forum member reapplied and had same day approval. I don't think there is any issue with my I-134 I have the income, no background check issues..


    I appreciate any input you may have!!


    Joel Hand  469 369 2605  in Dallas

  6. Does U4U grant humanitarian parol status? visitukraine.today says Yes. The page says: "... Ukrainians who received or will receive a humanitarian parole into the United States (including participants of the Uniting for Ukraine program - U4U) in the period from February 24, 2022 to September 30, 2023 ... have the right to apply for basic benefits available to refugees during the period of their humanitarian parole " and "Ukrainian humanitarian parolees are eligible to apply for federal mainstream benefits, such as cash assistance through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Supplemental Security Income, health insurance through Medicaid, and food assistance through Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)." Has anybody confirmed this to be true? I'm mostly worried about medical insurance.
  7. What is the best flight route for somebody to take to get to San Francisco from Ukraine? My beneficiary has no English experience and our current "top" option is for her to travel to Paris where she will stay with a friend and go on a direct flight to SFO. We want to do a direct flight only because of no English.
  8. Submitted the form, created an account for my beneficiary and received a Travel Authorization all on the same day. Pretty crazy if you ask me.
  9. This sounds like the officer has no idea what he's talking about. Just submit an application... it's free and all online.
  10. Can the person who receives travel authorization via U4U travel in and out of the US for the 2 years?
  11. My wife wants to bring her mom here from Ukraine for what is planned to be a couple months stay, but that is not set in stone. We just had a kid and need grandma's help. She'll be leaving her husband in Ukraine who cannot leave due to Ukraine not allowing males to leave. The plan is for her to come for at least a couple of months and then reevaluate the situation, most likely returning back to her husband. Our ultimate plan was to immigrate my wife's mom and dad once she lives here for 2 years with the green card. Will this, what is planned to be a "temporary stay" via Uniting for Ukraine, negatively affect our immigration plans? Also, Uniting for Ukraine mentions "Ukraining citizens displaced due to war". Does grandma have to prove she was displaced? Does this question come up during consulate interview? Is there even an interview prior to the POE?
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