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  1. Thank you for this, I was incredibly worried after someone told me in my K1/Spousal Bisa group on Facebook that they counted it for the entire rolling year regardless. I definitely didn’t stay for more that 90 days on one I-94. In fact I think the most days I was present in an entire rolling year period was 120 but definitely not consecutive. Also my petition was approved by NVC & sent to Montreal in March, I would think my petition wouldn’t be approved if there was something like an overstay? I haven’t been the the US since February (before it was approved) so no extra days that the consulate would see than what NVC saw. Or do they not make those decisions? Thanks, I’ll check this link out. If I did meet the requirement for US tax requirements, will this affect my K-1 Visa?
  2. Yeah that’s what would happen. I would enter & exit the US every other week for a few days before going back home. If I knew I wasn’t going to be back before my I-94 ran out, I would take it out of my passport & hand it to CBSA on the way back into Canada. Then when I would re-enter the US, I would be granted another I-94 & pay the fee for it.
  3. Yeah I never overstayed in one particular I-94, I was really careful about that because that’s what I believed. But after seeing someone talk about them counting the days for an entire rolling year I got incredibly worried.
  4. Okay so something has come up that has started to stress me out a little (what’s new)& I’m looking for advice. Up until February of this year I’d been travelling back & forth across the border to visit my now fiancé since 2018 (we were just dating at the time). Now I’m a Canadian Permanent Resident, with a British Passport so I’m part of the VWP. I have a valid ESTA. Once my I-94 ran out after & I re-entered I was granted a new one. None of the border officers really had an issue with this since I lived 20 minutes from the border to Niagara Falls, NY and would literally walk across the Rainbow Bridge. However because of my UK passport, regardless of the fact I’ve lived in Canada since I was 12. I’m only allowed 90 days in the US as opposed to the 180 Canadian Citizens are allowed. I have never stayed in the US for more than 10 days at a time (most of the time honestly it was 4-5 including the days I entered & departed, 10 days was just when we went on vacation) & then I would leave for AT LEAST a week as my fiancé and I took turns visiting one another every other week. I’ve never overstayed on any I-94’s but have been granted more than one within any rolling year. Again, CBP never raised any issues with this, it was just a “ok pay the $13 here’s a new one”. In fact I was instructed to apply for ESTA so that I didn’t need to spend so much time filling out the form for the I-94 every time I needed a new one. I’m now worried I’ll be denied at my K1 Visa interview for overstaying as technically within a rolling year I did spend more than 90 day’s in the US (although not consecutively). Are they just looking at overstays for consecutive days on one visa/I-94 or days total within a rolling year?
  5. They’re truly useless. Montreal Consulate Employees: “Yeah we’re opening back up in August 14th” also Montreal Consulate Employees: “Just kidding, not sure where you all heard that”
  6. I sent them an email in panic before it ran out and they responded with; "Only at the time of the interview the Consular Officer will determine the validity of the relationship and whether or not it warrants an extension of the I-129F. Please note that the Consular Officers are not legally required to automatically extend the validity of the I-129F for every case without evaluating the merits of each application. Due to the significant worldwide challenges related to COVID-19, we are unable to predict when we will resume routine visa services. We will review your case when we resume our operations." I was just worried that my non completion of the DS-160 form might affect me negatively in some way.
  7. Okay, so my not completing the DS-160 form wouldn't affect this then? Thank you
  8. Hey guys, So our K1 Visa Petition expired on July 15th 2020, obviously this was during the time the consulate in Montreal was closed (and still is) for K1 Visa Processing. Now, I heard from people on here that because it was their fault, I just needed to bring a renewed letter of intent to marry with me to my interview. Our approved petition was sent to Montreal and was received on the 30th of April when everything was closed down. I didn't receive a P3 yet for this reason. Now the thing is, I haven't completed form DS-160 yet, I was having trouble getting my travel records back for my US travel history. Does the fact I haven't completed the DS-160 form mean that it was actually my fault that things were delayed past the point of my petition expiring? Keep in mind the approved petition notice letter from NVC forwarding the petition to Montreal didn't arrive until April 20th and Montreal received it on April 30th (via the CEAS status tracker). I'm quite worried now thinking about this. I have my Case Number but no Invoice ID number.
  9. No my PR status isn’t marked anywhere in my passport. I have my British Passport & then a separate PR ID card. I only hand my PR card over with my passport to the Canadian Border Officials on my way back home. I mean I definitely didn’t overstay, I was only visiting every other weekend & sometimes not for 3-4 weekends as my fiancé would just come up to me for a few weekends more. I’d never had any problems before, everybody had always been incredibly nice, I guess this guy just didn’t like me that night.
  10. 5 separate people now across 3 different cross border spousal groups
  11. Mine said ready to schedule an interview updated on April 30th, haven’t received my P3 from the consulate with my checklist though
  12. Us too! Our had just arrived at Montreal, got our first ready before everything shut down so this is a little bit of hope!
  13. Hey everyone, I’ve seen more than one person in my K1 & Spousal VISA group on Facebook (for Canada to US) say that when contacting Montreal about a potential date for starting to process K1’s again they’ve been told August. Specifically August 14th. Now I don’t know what will happen between then & now, don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up so please take this with a grain of salt. However it is the first sign of them actually making some plan to get back to things.
  14. Thank you for the information. I was planning on bringing with me my two most recent paycheque stubs, the confirmation for my filing for my taxes for Canada & I can bring the letter of return for work. As well as my Canadian Permanent Resident Card, OHIP health insurance card as well. Is there anything else I can bring with me, I live with my parents so I don’t have any utility bills I can bring. I’ll have the exact address I’m staying at the entire time & the name of my fiancé as well. I requested a FOIA anyways just in case. I also haven’t travelled to the US since the beginning of February.
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