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  1. Interesting, I am glad that my husband got his work authorization in May then. Sounds like we will have to renew the work authorization before we ever get a green card based on all the delays.
  2. I hope you guys get your interview soon. Ever since he got his EAD and SSN I haven’t really been checking the status of our case much. Those were the two most important things. We are not stressing anymore. Time has flown by since he got those.
  3. Yes that is why our local SS office would do an appointment for us due to it having to be in person. We had the same issue when he just got his driver’s license. We waited for hours at the local DMV location before they opened...only for them to tell us we had to go to a different location. This was because non-citizens had to go to only one location. Luckily, we drove over there and it didn’t take long at all. Crazy things that I never thought would be different. But we are learning as the process continues......
  4. We called USCIS and they saw that it wasn’t sent over to the SS office. So that is when we called our local SS office and got an appointment to get one. The appointment was about a week after our call and we got the card in the mail a week after that. Good luck to you guys, I hope you can get this resolved.
  5. They are only doing special circumstances for appointments. Ours was considered one due to needing it for work. It was a weird experience. We had to wait by the guard’s desk the whole time at a table. The SS employee came down and took his documents upstairs and then came back with the SS form and said we would get a card within 2 weeks. It came in a little less than a week later. Are they not doing any special appointments?
  6. We just got my husband’s SS card in the mail today! So it was less than a week after we had our appointment at the local SS office.
  7. Nope, ours has been in the “ready to schedule” since late March.
  8. If I am not mistaken, the name on your SS card should be your “official” name that you want. So if you want to go by your married name put that. If you want to go by your maiden name, you put that. When my current husband and I got married, my last name (which was still my ex-husband’s last name) was not officially changed until I changed it at the social security office. Then I had to use the new SS card to get my driver’s license changed and my name changed at work.
  9. No, we asked and they said they do not have the actual number. The card will be here in a week or so. I am just happy to know it is being processed.
  10. After I waited over a week since we received The EAD, I called the SS office. They did a search and could not find him in the system. They did a name and DOB search. That is when I called the USCIS and spoke with an immigration officer (who was very kind). He said that it happens sometimes where they end up not sending the info to the SS office. So he suggested to go directly to the SS to get one issued. So my local SS is only doing appointments for special cases. Since I advised them that my husband needs his SS to work they considered that priority and made me an appointment within a week of my call. We went to the appointment today and it was very quick and easy.
  11. You can probably call and get an appointment. We were luckily able to.
  12. We were in the same situation. So we called the local SS office and got an appointment to get him a SSN. I had called USCIS and spoke to an officer and he advised to do this as well. It looks like it was an error that they didn’t send over his information to SS.
  13. Thank you, we are waiting on a callback from an USCIS officer but that could be forever. So I call the SS office again and they finally agreed to make an appointment. They will be calling back to set up an appointment for a face to face.
  14. We have not gotten the social security card yet, so I called the SS office and they didn’t find anything under his name. Is this typical? Did anyone else not get a social with even checking the box on the form?
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