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  1. Hmmm yes so sad I think Embassy will open next year. All businesses have been opened but not embassies.
  2. Don't worry, they provide you an estimated time. Sometimes they are working on cases for dates later than 20 FEB but they don't want to inform people about it. Same happened in my case too. On the site, it was mentioned that they are processing 14 Feb cases for three weeks but I got my case Documentary Qualified way earlier than expected.
  3. Can someone please share their experiences if they traveled recently to an Asian Country in covid-19 via Emirates, Etihad, Qatar or Turkish airlines. Is flying going to be safe if I travel from USA to Islamabad Pakistan in July?
  4. Is travel ban in effect for Pakistan?
  5. I checked the ban. As far as i know, ban is not for Pakistan and spouses are excluded from the ban.
  6. I am in similar situation. My husband has b1/b2 visa. Can he visit me in US at this time from Islamabad, Pakistan on this visa?
  7. Hi , Does anyone know if there is any flight from Islamabad, Pakistan to US allow B1/B2 visa travelers? Thanks
  8. Hi, I applied for my husband's spousal immigration visa (IR1/CR1). His application has been approved and we are waiting for interview in Pakistan. Since embassies are closed and we think that the speed with which Covid-19 is spreading in Pakistan, there is no chance for embassies to open in near future for at least next few months. We have already waited for a whole year and we think there is no point of waiting anymore as we want to start our family as soon as possible. My question is that Is it safe for my husband to travel to states with his existing B-1/B-2 Business Visa in Covid-19? If yes, what can we do in case his interview date arrives in the middle of his stay at United States? Is there any option to reschedule the interview? Thanks!
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