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  1. A little bit of confusion here. There are instructions on the NVC webpage when we check our case status that says that the NVC will not schedule an interview before fees are paid (processing fee and AOS fee) and the AOS is complete. It also says we need to pay these fees and send forms before the NVC will process our case. Furthermore the NVC website says that the fees cannot be paid at the embassy but need to be paid online. But the instructions from the Kyiv Embassy says specifically not to send the AOS forms to the immigrant desk and to bring the fee to the interview. Which one is correct or is both true? Thanks.
  2. NOA2: 12/8/20 I downloaded the file and read through it. I’m still a little unclear as to a few things. 1) We’re still waiting on our official NOA2 letter. Will it have instructions for what to do to track our case status with the NVC? 2) The NVC website says not to send any requests that aren’t urgent. I would assume email change requests fall into that category? 3) I tried to track the our case with the NVC from their webpage but I guess that won’t be available until they receive the case from USCIS and put it into the system. When will we get our new case number with the NVC and how do they notify us that they receive the case? thanks for your help! Stephen and Antonina
  3. My fiance has never been married and will be applying for a K1 visa in her home country after we get approval from our I129F petition. The US Embassy lists marriage and divorce certificates as necessary documents. I have been previously married. Will she need to bring marriage and divorce certificates from my previous marriage for her visa application/interview? Thanks! Stephen P
  4. We received our first RFE which included a request to provide more substantial evidence of our meeting in the past two years. I think we screwed up and didn’t do a thorough enough job the first time. We included airline itineraries but not always the boarding passes. We didn’t include passport stamps. We relied too heavily on photo evidence. We’re going to do better this time. A couple of questions arose as we were going through this though: 1) Do we need to provide translations of visas in our passports if we provide them as evidence? 2) Will they be interested in evidence of meeting since the date of our application? Or should we stick with only the two years prior to the application? 3) They mentioned in the RFE that we should include a duplicate copy of the evidence if we are requesting consular notification. What does this mean and should we include duplicate copies with the response? We would appreciate if anyone has any insight they could share. regards, Stephen and Antonina.
  5. Well, it's technically in normal processing times but the form states that it's possible to file a request if it's been more than 6 months without hearing anything.
  6. It's been right at 6 months for us since NOA1 and we're anxious to get to the NOA2 step. We technically could file an inquiry but I wonder if anyone else has and did it seem to help or hurt your case? Thanks.
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