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  1. I’m in overstay without any visa or any status. I’m afraid that when I’ll try to go out they will found it out and don’t let me come back in for some years. That’s the law, but I don’t know if they forgiven you if u are married with a citizen..
  2. I’m planing to apply for green card from my country. So I can come back with a green card. But I’m afraid to leave now that I’m overstaying
  3. I didn’t apply yet. Just making ready the papers. I don’t know how many time we will out but I’m planing to apply to green card from outside the us for next time that I’m planing come back
  4. Hi! I got married two months ago and im overstaying right now, about to apply for my green card; but we realize that we may want to go to my country for one year. Can I leave US in overstay if im married with a US citizen?
  5. We will have the interview for satisfactory departure around June 10th. I cant come back to my country right now because is still locking down.
  6. Good morning everyone! I came to United States almost three months ago. I got engaged two weeks ago and we will get married in July by a 30 days extention in my ESTA application. My fiancé called yesterday to USCIS office and they say that I can't apply to Green Card with my actual status in ESTA, is anyone who knows about this information or had a similar situation before? Thanks!
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