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  1. The community college we spoke to doesn’t require immigration information. Per their word, “immigration status is not our business”. They just require a high school diploma. They do not even require a SSN number.
  2. For domestic students, they require a translation of her diploma and that’s it.
  3. Hello, My fiancée just arrived in the country on a K1 visa and we will be adjusting her status next week. Can she enroll at a community college now or do we need to wait for her to green card? Thank you! -Brandon S.
  4. This round is only for countries that are a part of the banned list. I believe the judge will visit the case later to see if this decision should apply to all K1 visas if there is more delay. For now, it’s just those.
  5. Hi everyone, The lawyers responsible for the M v P lawsuit are allowing a third round of plaintiffs to potentially be approved. We’re debating on joining given the cost, but we wanted to ask you all if it may be a good idea to join it. We are applying from Brazil and would like to know if it’s a good idea. Our case is stuck at the NVC. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if it’s possible to get a K1 visa outside of my fiancé’s home country? The embassy is closed in Brazil and we’re growing increasingly frustrated and tired. Is it possible for it to be transferred or does she need citizenship in another country for that to be done? Thanks as always everyone
  7. Do you recommend we bring any documents to the K1 embassy when we have our interview in Rio. For example, W2 tax returns, bank statements, birth certificates? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  8. Hello Brandon, yes, June 1st was the next date available for us, K1 interviews in Rio only happens on Tuesdays, all Tuesdays of June were available we got the first. Actually I'm very upset with myself, our interview was scheduled for February 9, but I found a date for January 5 and I rescheduled. Dumb attitude though, because we got cancelled and only June 1 now. 😢 We don't know about February anyway, since last monday they cancelled all the interviews of January. 

  9. From what I’ve seen, they allow couples to interview together.
  10. My mother is co sponsoring us since I will be spending the time with her instead.
  11. Do you think even if I go to the interview, we will have no problems?
  12. I’m not entirely sure. This case is taking so long and we don’t want to run into any further problems down the line I guess
  13. Hi everyone once again, I’m currently abroad visiting my fiancé while we wait for her K1 visa. If I overstay my 90 day tourist visa, will that affect her chances of receiving her K1 visa to enter the US? Or is this issue two separate things? Thanks!
  14. So that this can be used as a reference for some folks in the future, would immigration approve or decline an application if the petitioner was deported or banned for 5 years for example?
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