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  1. i have a driving license here in UAE. can i use it when moving to the US as soon as i arrived in a K1 visa. or i need to get an international license?
  2. what are your thoughts about having a pre nuptial agreement before the k1 marriage?
  3. my working visa will expire on May 28. by that time i will receive the NoA2 base on vj timeline. from the time i received the noa2 to interview would be 2-3 months. do i need to renew my visa? can i schedule interview with expire visa change to tourist? im working here in uae in 10years with the se company.. can i send the uscis an expedite letter. please help!
  4. my working visa will expire in uae by the time im going to receive my NOA2 base on vj timeline. can i continue my interview here in a tourist visa instead of renew my visa only for 3 months waiting from nvc to uae embassy for sure i will shoulder all the expenses for the visa.
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