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  1. Yeah sorry, misread the OP. They sent my medical report as soon as they received all the remaining evidence of vaccines taken. My status says refused.
  2. Was wondering the same. Our medical report was sent on 8th Oct, but we still have not received our passports back with visas (interview 24/09). CEAC showing last update on 24th Sept.
  3. Confuses me why they need to see the police clearance certificate. They should just be doing a medical exam and asking questions about your health only, anything else is for the interview.
  4. And yet they haven't reduced their prices for doing less work for certain ages!!!
  5. You should be able to get you vaccination report from your GP. They may decline and ask you to register for an online account either NHS app or patient access which will show these records.
  6. We had our interview yesterday and should be all approved pending the medical which is booked for next week. BTW, they kept our passports and gave us certified copies to take to the medical.
  7. I have booked our interview for this Weds (before our meds). Due an error when registering on the ais.usvisa-info.com website, our names do not appear in 1 group but in 3 groups, (wife, me, kids) and therefore the interview is confirmed in my wife's name who is the main applicant, and the rest of the family have to book the interview date/time separately. However, the same date/time is not available. I just want to be sure that when we turn up at the embassy they are expecting a group whose application is under the same case number. This did happen previously with our original interview last year, however, at that time we did have an interview letter invitation from the embassy before we registered on the ais.usvisa-info.com website. Its hard to contact the embassy and email replies are very slow.
  8. Thanks! We really only need the passport for my youngest who doesn't have a driver's license or any other ID. We finally got our passports back from the embassy, really puzzled why they kept it so long just to re-open our file. This is why we've waited to book our medical.
  9. We will need the passports for medical. Will the embassy not require to keep our passports to issue the visa, do they keep it or we have to return them in person/courier after medical?
  10. Hi all, Just wondering if you can attend the interview before doing the medical and if so will be asked to attend in person again? I need to schedule the interview and was thinking of w/c 20/09 but I can only get a medical date from the week after.
  11. So going by this, we will be ok to travel to US once we our visas.
  12. Summary of my situation: - Our FB3 visas was approved back in Jan'20 and due to expire June'20. - We did not travel before the expiry date because of the obvious reasons and our visas expired. - We have sent our passports and visa pack back to the US Embassy in London to re-open our application and invited to undergo medicals and re-schedule an interview. - Our passports have not been returned yet which is worrying because we require these for the medical and interview. - If we book our medicals, the re-issued visa will expire within 6 months and with US border still closed should we wait until this changes? - Question is, can we travel to US with our immigration visa, will we be exempt from the current travel restrictions?
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