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  1. My wife is the principle applicant, not sure she would be keen on this, however, this is certainly a better workaround.
  2. Thanks to all who replied...confirmed my suspicion. Going to a 3rd country with 2 kids for 14 days is a non starter, who knows which country will be banned next! Will have to ride it out and see what happens in the next month. Hopefully we will be just have to only redo our meds and PCs which is a lot cheaper than 2 weeks in Mexico or a Caribbean country.
  3. Hi all, just after some advise. We have been granted our F3 entry visa from the US Embassy in London back in February. We were due to fly out in April but cancelled due to the current situation. The visa expires on June 23rd, can we fly out from London and enter the USA before the expiry given that we are traveling from UK one of the areas currently banned.
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