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  1. Hi. I am very happy for you and thanks for the positive update. I know you must be experiencing the feeling others have been dreaming about right now. Pure happeness. I hope all works out well for you and your spouse. My fiance and I are waiting on the embassy in Nairobi to open. Her initial interview was scheduled for April 14 but cancelled. 😪. Anyway happy you received positive news.
  2. Nothing in particular about page 3. Was just linking to the document. So do you think they are not returning to routine services right now because of a directive from Washington? Which would get back to the administrations anti-immigration stance?
  3. Have you read the policy document? https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6884940-Diplomacy-Strong.html#text/p3 it specifically says that local conditions will determine when the embassy/consulate can safely open
  4. My assumption is that according to the Diplomacy Strong policy of the state department, they already have the green light to operate depending on the situation of the country. I received this reply from the Embassy in Nairobi when I emailed a few weeks back.
  5. Thanks for the update H. I will take a look at the Nairobi embassy and let you know what it says.
  6. That's a positive response. Thanks for the update
  7. Hi. I emailed the embassy in Nairobi twice and each time they replied within a day or so. They extended my approved I-129F for 60 days initially. I may need to ask for another extension soon. But I have heard that technically it stays valid for one year as long as you show that you are still interested in the Visa/application. So send emails etc.
  8. I reached out to my congresswoman last night in the 7th Congressional district of Virginia about our pending k1 visa. I explained that my fiance had an interview on April 14th which was cancelled due to COVID. I am happy to report that a staffer called me today and was very pleasant. She sent me the form giving them permission to enquire on my behalf at the embassy in Nairobi. I will keep you all posted on what I hear.
  9. Sorry to hear this and I hope things work out and your mother gets here safely. Please all remember vote in November.
  10. Thanks for this information. I sent an email to my congresswoman last night. Will update this post when she replies.
  11. Yes extremely frustrating and hard to understand. I think more could be done to handle Visa applications and still maintain safety of embassy staff. Vote wisely in November
  12. Hi. Does anyone have any news about US embassies potentially using video conferencing to clear backlogs on various Visa applications (e.g. K-1, spouse)? In light of the precautions necessary moving forward with COVID, this seems to be a strategy worth exploring to help clear backlogs. I am sure there are some instances of consular officers already knowing if they are going to approve or deny a case before the applicant appears in person. Many applicants only get asked a few questions and interviews lasting only a few minutes, but having to travel long distances for their consular interview. Cases that appear suspicious could be flagged for in-person interviews, while other clear legitimate cases be cleared remotely. Just thinking out loud.
  13. I enquired about when the US embassy in Nairobi will open for routine Visa services for my fiance who needs a K-1 Visa interview and received the following response. It seems they are waiting on the ban on public gatherings to be lifted in Kenya, and not the "ok" from Washington. Hope the GOK let's the ban end on July 6th.
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