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  1. Got it, thank you! I have the instructions pages downloaded for each form, but I think I've just gotten confused/lost in the plethora of information + documentation along the way. I'll be reviewing them all again, but you're providing an invaluable help here. Thank you
  2. Understood...looks like i'm going out later today to get some more photos done! I need to include any passport style photos of my spouse also?
  3. Great, thank you! Was including the I-797 approval notice anyway. Good to know! That's confusing. So, do I need to fill out multiple 864's? One for my spouse, one for first joint sponsor and one for second joint sponsor?
  4. Correct, it is for a married joint sponsor (my spouses parents). Parent A filled I-864 and parent B filled I-864a. Planning to submit ASAP! Hopefully either today or tomorrow. Yes, got married within the 90 days and am still within that 90 days. My I-94 record expires Oct 9. Thanks for the heads up! Hadn't seen this info anywhere! Are you able to provide a source showing this to be the case? Would be a huge saving!
  5. Been struggling to find a solid answer for this, despite using the fee calculator. I am a spouse of a US citizen admitted on a K1 Visa. I am filing forms: I-130 I-131 I-485 I-765 I-684 I-684A I-944 The fee calculator gave me $1,225: $85 for biometrics $1,140 for form I-485 $0 for form I-13 $0 for I765 It would not let me add form I-130 as an additional form in this calculation, which I understand is $535 per the instructions sheet for I-130. Am I correct in these fees? Am I missing any? Do I send one cheque for $1,225 and another for $535 or do I send one single cheque for $1,760? Would have thought they make it simple to know how much to send, but alas here I am typing out this post... Thanks for any help!
  6. Update: Seemingly out of the blue, my card arrived! I guess the process works? Lock this thread.
  7. Thank you! You've helped put my mind at ease. Oh, you recognise my username from that thread, huh? Literally only last night did KLM get back to me concerning the refund and WILL be sending it to me! Only took them 4 months....😒
  8. Hi, I'm very confused about I-693 for my AOS packet. Please help! Some background on my case: K1 visa - Entered July 11th 2020 Attended Medical In London: March 2nd 2020 Have form DS-3025 + Certificate of immunisation - All completed and clear I've read and seen so much conflicting information about I-693, do I need to submit it at all? Do I still need to get I-693 signed by a US doctor or is it not needed since it should have been processed already when I handed in my visa packet at my POE? Do I fill out I-693 as best I can and leave the "civil surgeon" sections blank? What exactly should I submit in the AOS packet? Just the DS-3025 + Certificate of immunisation? Wish this stuff was a little more clear in the instructions Thanks!
  9. Thank you for the detailed response. I'm very confused to the I94 / DHS issue. My I94 is up to date and accurate. DHS correctly recorded my Most Recent Date of Entry, Class of Admission etc (assuming the I94 database is linked with DHS's records). I can't see any reason for this info needing updating or fixing; it's all accurate to my travel history. I really appreciate your advice. It's already worlds better than the help their offices have provided.
  10. 1. Read the first lines of my post again and why I'm making this thread. I know it's not a requirement. 2. Yes, of course I have my I-94. You can't get a SSN interview without it. I'm glad you got your card quickly, but 2 weeks after arrival is recommended as stated here. 3. My name has not changed. 4. I understand that it's COVID times, but that doesn't seem to be the issue here. My application and SSN interview all went off without a hitch. It seems to be DHS that have fallen short. COVID delays is honestly a pathetic excuse given what I've personally had to go through to get here. I can only apologise for my frustrations. They're not aimed at you. I'm just in awe at the incompetence of US bureaucracy.
  11. Preface: I realise that a SSN isn't essential for AOS. However, one is needed for my preferred banking option (again, I realise that a SSN isn't always needed to open a US bank account, but in my case it is.) I had my SSN interview early August. It was fine, except that DHS hadn't updated their systems to show that I'd entered the country (I left it 3 weeks after entering before applying). I was given a letter saying that I should have my card in 2 weeks and was verbally told that it would be no issue. Over a month has passed and nothing has happened. I have called them multiple times over the last few weeks only to receive the same answer: "it's pending". I can't keep waiting around forever. I'm filling out the AOS forms from a K1 visa, but most importantly, am trying to create a joint bank account for my spouse and I. I struggle to find any banks that aren't a rip-off without a SSN and have been holding out for those options as I don't want to screw my finances by choosing a predatory bank. Is this just the way the USA operates? Slow and incompetent? Here I am thinking the visa + AOS process was a mess, but perhaps it's EVERY branch of gov that is ran by sloths. What do I do? Keep waiting more weeks and likely be told the same thing or look for an alternative?
  12. Hi, all. Here is a deep dive into my experience of my journey from Serbia into the US. I will try to be as detailed as possible and provide as much help and advice as I can, but please keep in mind that this was my experience as of 26 June - 11 July. Use this as a reference for your own plans. To read about my journey flying into Serbia from the UK, please read this post from when I first arrived in Belgrade. -- Let me start by saying that Serbia's attitude toward coronavirus changed DRASTICALLY in my time there. When I first arrived, everything (and I mean everything) was open and running like normal. By the following week, the city was protesting new curfew rules, which eventually turned into rioting/police brutality. The curfew didn't happen due to the response from the public. I'll refrain from making any comments on politics in Serbia, and I can't predict what'll happen next, but more restrictions are a very real possibility that you should take into consideration. I won't go into too much detail on this, but I had to leave my airbnb halfway through my stay due to a cockroach problem... I then went to a hotel in the middle of the city and the protests erupted right outside. I THEN moved to an airport hotel for the final two days, which was not a pleasant experience due to it being in the middle of nowhere with barely any amenities. My journey began by getting a ride arranged by the hotel to the airport. You cannot check in for the flight with Air Serbia online due to a new rule about only citizens of the country you're traveling to being able to. So, I walk to the check in desk and tell the guy where i'm staying in the US. He checks my passport and visa. Asks his colleague if a K1 visa is ok. They say "yes". Asks me if i've visited the schengen area in the past two weeks. I say "no". I am given my boarding pass. I'm checked in. Next, in Belgrade airport, you walk up the stairs and through a passport control area where they give you an exit stamp. I was a little surprised that I hadn't gone through any security, but found out later that the security is at the gate. The problem with this is that they don't allow water bottles through, so you're going to be without access to much water for a while other than what they give you on the flight (which is minimal). At security, they once again checked my visa and once again ask if I've visited the schengen area in the past two weeks. I say "no", go through security and i'm at the gate. The place is pretty packed with varying amounts of mask discipline from other passengers. Can't do much about it other than remaining as careful as you can be. Be aware that you'll be wearing a mask this entire time other than when airport staff ask you to pull it down when checking your passport pic. My flight got delayed by about an hour, which wasn't great for the nerves because they didn't announce anything during the wait and I had to make a connecting flight in JFK and had no idea how long immigration would take. They announce boarding. I go on the plane. The plane is reasonably full, but most people had space around them. The plane takes off. So far, so good... The flight is just like any other long distance flight except that you don't get much service. The food was a cold mix of this cheese, turkey slice and cornbread combo. Bit weird. I only had a little. You're asked to fill a form (BRING YOUR OWN PEN, I BROUGHT TWO BECAUSE I KNEW THE PERSON NEXT TO ME WOULD ASK AND I'M NOT GONNA SHARE. I LET THEM KEEP IT AFTER USE). It's like the usual landing card for the US (address you're staying at in the US, passport number, flight number etc.) except there's a section asking about COVID symptoms and a section asking "IN THE PAST 14 DAYS HAVE YOU BEEN TO ANY OF THE COUNTRIES OR GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS LISTED ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS FORM?". The list will have these countries. Flight is 9 hours and 15 min. It'll say it's a 10 hour flight online, but they regularly get there in 9hr 15min. I was already sitting quite close to the front, but before we land, I moved to the very front so that I could be first off. The plane lands. The airbridge is delayed. I'm standing next to the door nervously willing it to attach. Around 10 min pass before the door opens and I bolt it. I overtake the two business class people who were let off first and run with all my stuff to beat the lines. It took about 5 min. When I get there, it's empty. I spot the border agent and walk over. I tell them i'm entering on a K1 visa. They ask me if I have the visa packet. I get it out of my bag and give it to them. They check my passport and the form that I filled out on the plane. They open the packet, call over a CBP college, hand them the packet and tell me to go with them. All very friendly. I walk with the CBP agent to a room off to the side where they place my passport and packet on a raised desk with about 5 people on it and ask me to wait until my name is called. Around 5 min pass before they call me over. They say "you're staying at xxxx, right?" which is respond yes. They do something with my paperwork. They ask me "you know the rules, right?" to which I say "yes" even though i'm not sure which rules they're specifying, but they clear it up with a "you have 90 days to get married". I tell them i'm really looking forward to it. They hand me back my passport with a green slip inside of it and tell me "congratulations". I thank them. I did it. The emotions I felt were immense that I almost missed having to hand that green slip to the guard on the way out. The whole process took no more than 15 minutes and was very straightforward. I made my connecting flight easily. I landed at my destination some hours later and met my fiance. We drive to our apartment. We begin our lives together. We made it. Thank you to everyone on here who helped out and was following my story. It's been an incredibly challenging time and i've experienced some of the lowest points of my entire life. The anxiety and overthinking involved is unbearable at times. To the people reading this who were in a similar situation, you have my full empathy and respect. I can now confidently say that this guy did indeed fly.
  13. I. MADE. IT!!!! Sending this message mid air via my connecting flight. I'll go into more details about everything soon, but just had to share my success with everyone here! FINALLY!!!
  14. I'm just off the phone with air serbia who told me I'd be ok to board the flight on Friday. They also said that the Saturday flight is still going ahead, despite the recent curfew news. The curfew rules will become more clear today, so not sure if I'd take their word on Saturday yet or not. For anyone curious: last night was a mess in Belgrade. A sleepless night for me. Obviously, the anxiety of travel was a big part, but also the noise and commotion from the protests. The people here are NOT happy. Feels like a very, very different city than the one I landed in. I'm sure you're all very used to my bad luck by now, but man...when's this nightmare going to end??
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