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  1. So you mean I can send them written letter and request them to look into my decision again . ?
  2. Yes. I have 6 emails . That USCIS will reschedule my interview and they will send me a notice.
  3. Information about query and reply from field office . Stating we will reschedule the interview and will you a notice. No other information.
  4. I had sent request to reschedule my interview. And whenever I called USCIS call center regarding my case they said your request to reschedule interview is in line. As soon as field office will reschedule your interview they will send you a letter. they decline my case instead if rescheduling the interview
  5. Well I had emergency over time and I was not able to attend interview. We have been told by Uscis customer service your request is approved to reschedule interview . And field office sent me email 6 times regarding rescheduling the appointment. But last week they denied my case . I want to ask that can I send written letter request To field office to tell them my situation . Does it help ?
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