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  1. Hi, i am U.s Green card holder. i want to bring my parents to u.s. how long the process will take time? or what is the fastest way to bring my parents either visit visa or immigration? please guide. thanking you
  2. Hi, please verify is there foreign ministry attestation manadorty for Islamabad embassy on civil documents eg; on marriage certificate etc? Please reply soon.
  3. Hey, my interview is next month. I am little confuse about birth certificate. I have my original Nadra birth certificate but i read on U.S embassy site i need urdu translation, original certificate, certified copies.. its confusing . However, Nadra certificate has both languages urdu n english. Please guide my interview is near. Thank you
  4. Hi, my interview is next month for ir1 spouse visa . My wife's tax return uploaded till 2019. Now she filed also 2020 tax. Is it possible to show 2020 tax returns on the spot to interviewer officer? Please guide. Thank you
  5. My case is currently at NVC ..my visa category was cr1 but now status has been changed. its IR1 now. Please let me know is this beneficial for me? If yes then what kind of benefit i would get? Thank You
  6. Dear Concerns, i just wanted to know when will Islamabad embassy start to taking interview for spouse visa. i am clear from NVC. they have approved my documents just waiting for my interview call. Best,
  7. Hi, I just wanted to know, after accepting documents by NVC how long U.S embassy call for an interview. Thank you Best,
  8. HI, my U.S spouse visa filing is on working. my lawyer had submitted only my urdu marriage certificate and its translation (into English) but NVC rejected that document. Now i have submitted Nadra, Urdu and English Translation of marriage Certificate. Total 3 documents merge into one PDF file. i just wanted to confirm that is it right way to submit? and is it what they want? please guide me. Thank You Best,
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