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  1. Hello everyone! I would like to know if anyone experienced on how to make a payment for DS160 in Georgetown,Guyana,My fiancee lives in Cuba i live in United states im trying to make the payment and schedule an interview for him ,but i do not know if its possible for me to make a payment online..Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.
  2. hello , I recieved the approval notice for the k1 visa application its almost 2 monthe my lawyer didnt do anything ,creating d160 now because of the pandemic the country of my fiancee is still in lockdown what should i do ?will it be a problem if i make an appointment date after the approval date period or she needs to be interviewed before the expiry date of the approval notice .?please help.
  3. Hello everyone! I would like to know how many days should i set up an appointment for medical exam and the interview appointment ? my fiancee is cuban citizen assuming in georgetown consulate .thank you
  4. Hello i need to know how can i make a correction on my D160 application i already submitted and i have the confirmation number .Now im worried on how to do correction .anyone can help please ,,
  5. Hello everyone,i would like to ask if any ideas how to make apayment for a visa interview my cuban fiance lives in cuba and its hard for them to make a payment i live in the united states his interview consulate will be in Georgetown Guyana,Anybody knows if i can possibly pay the visa application here in the united states?
  6. Hello everyone i need an answer..my fiancee lives in cuba where the consulate for interview is in Guyana now i have to file for D160 and visa fees can i pay in the united states on her behalf ? Or it has to be in guyana bank or cuba bank ?
  7. Hi every one i would like to know if its okay to pay for the D160 visa application in the united states on behalf of your fiancee ? My fiancee lives in Cuba ..thank you
  8. Hello i think manila embassy still close its not open for in person interview .
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