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  1. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s normal or not! I’m sorry. Maybe call uscis and ask?
  2. I passed my interview yesterday (May 18, 2022)!!! The officer was very courteous and the interview lasted approximately 15 minutes. She even gave me Twinkies and complimented me on my performance. My oath ceremony should be in a month, she remarked! Everything came together in the end. I'm quite thankful. I applied November 11, 2021 Oklahoma City
  3. Will I have to do a name change? I already changed my name back to my maiden name during divorce just not on my other documents yet Basically, I got my GC through my ex husband and since then divorced. Do I have to go through a name change since I already reverted back to my maiden name and have the divorce decree showing that? I know name change usually delay oath ceremony since it has to be judicial.
  4. I requested my FOIA file and now I’m scared! I’m on step 3 but my interview was scheduled yesterday for may… Anyway, How true is this statement below? As I posted in the other thread, it was a trick to get USCIS to drag out A-files stuck in the NRC. If you had applied during the pandemic, there was a chance that your A-file got stuck at the NRC. USCIS does not control the NRC and is beholden to their whims. However, the government has to obey FOIA requests and some people found out it was possible to speed up the process by requesting a FOIA. This trick was for people with A-files stuck at the NRC. People who had their A-files already in USCIS hands should not FOIA their files as all it can do is delay the case. Think of it as a giant conveyor belt. For people stuck in the NRC, the file hasn’t been placed on the conveyor belt yet and so their application wasn’t moving. By requesting the FOIA, it meant it could be dropped off on the conveyor belt after the FOIA request was done as USCIS finally had the A-file back. Now imagine the A-file is already on the conveyor belt since USCIS already has it. That means it’s already going through the process to making it to the field office. By requesting a FOIA, you just asked USCIS to take the file off that conveyor belt that is on the way to the field office or already in the field office and place it on another conveyor belt to process the FOIA request. Anyone will tell you that the less movement a file does, the better. It means that it has less of a chance to get misplaced. That’s why so many people do not recommend rescheduling an interview if it’s scheduled at the wrong field office. They’re afraid USCIS might miss the reschedule request or it will get lost in transit. FOIA was a trick to get the file in USCIS hands from the NRC. It was not meant to generally speed up the process. In some cases it could actively delay the process especially if it’s at a field office or in an officer’s hands. That’s why the FOIA instructions say not to FOIA your file to find the status of your file.
  5. How will this affect my interview? The FOIA request is still pending—will uscis get my file before my interview date in may? Im confused as to how this whole process works! I just want to know if the field office will have my file before my interview—don’t want any delays just because I requested it too.
  6. Update: applied November 11, 2021 (field office Oklahoma City) Biometric reuse same day Interview scheduled yesterday (March 31) for may 18! i will keep y’all posted!
  7. Hey can you share your n400 timeline? I’m in Oklahoma too
  8. Hey congratulations!!! I’m in okc too can you please share your timeline? When did you apply?
  9. I think it’s because it was Veterans Day. I filed 90 days early too waited a little over a day to apply. I hope we here Bach soon. Where’s your filed office?
  10. Same here! I filed November 11! And it says actively reviewed too. I hope to hear back soon! My biometric got reused same day (although it shows November 12).
  11. I filed November 11, got my biometric reuse the same day but no update since then. I’m in Oklahoma City.
  12. How will this affect me? I applied at noon on the day of my early eligibility. Will I get denied since it’s showing 91 days early although that’s not true. I was able to submit my application without issues too. I’m not sure why they’d let me if it was a day early (it isn’t).
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