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  1. I got married with USA citizen in Ukraine one year ago. Is this marriage legal in USA? I mean does USA government consider him like a married person? Thou am still abroad and waiting for my visa interview
  2. What to expect on interview cr1 visa, if before few years back I had k1 visa with same guy with no wedding after that and refused tourist visa?
  3. 1 year ago we spent a vacation in Europe. After that we got married and he went back to USA and I went back to UAE for work. He has only one vacation per year and apparently cannot visit me per coronavirus issue. My case at nvc is completed and interview I guess very soon
  4. Originally am from Ukraine but interview will be in uae, because am staying here🙏. Me and my husband have difficult love story, will be hard to understand for interview officer. It’s stressing me out
  5. Can also interview officer be suspicious at interview regarding my case and judge my decisions such as why at first time I left my fiancé and then decided to marry with him?
  6. I been to USA in 2016 using k1 fiancé visa. After 2 months I left USA and my fiancé. After 4 years we have meet again in another country and decided to get married. Now my cr1 visa at nvc, almost completed case. My question is: can my spouse visa be denied at interview because before same beneficiary made for me k1 visa?
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