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  1. Hi there my cr1 interview is in about two weeks. But right now I am confused about the additional documents that I can include in files for the interview day. I have collected all the documents according to the usual guidelines. But since it’s an expedite case on medical case I have included the doctors reference letters and expedite email approval in my files. If anyone can suggest what other documents can I include in my file would be really helpful. Also if I should follow any sequence for documents while arranging my file for the interview day. thanks in advance
  2. Hi there, On march 2021 my wife (U.S. Citizen) filed an I-130 for me. According to the USCIS account they received the documents of the application on March 17th 2021. After that the only update I received on the end of August is that they are reviewing the documents received. Can anyone tell how much more time would they need to update the next step? Even though its already been more than 5 months!
  3. Hi JeanneAdil thanks for your kind response. Please note that I didn't had to abandon F4, NVC automatically removed my name from CEAC due to CSPA age. By the way can you predict how long it would take to get approved based on the PD. Looking forward!
  4. Hello Lucky Cat, thanks for your kind response, it was very informative!
  5. Hi there, my wife filed an petition for me last march. We received the NOTICE OF ACTION (Form I-797C) in march, which stated that they received the form and its processing. Later on within a week we received another letter which stated some login credentials for USCIS account and told us to activate the USCIS account. As required, we activated the account. Now I would like to know what's the next step? Its been a couple of months and still we didn't received any update. Please note the priority date is 17th March 2021 and the petitioner is a US citizen and visa type is CR1.
  6. Hi, Just wanted to know if the USCIS send any letter after receiving petition and if it does, then how long does it take ? Thanks in advance.
  7. No way, why would I dare to lie to the NVC about being married and beside this I am aware that it could result in lifetime ban. I asked whats the step I can take before filing the CR1 (I HAVE BEEN MARRIED RECENTLY AND MISTAKENLY I MENTIONED IR1) however I have been removed automatically from my F4 application during the DQ process. Moreover My wife has already filed the petition last week so right now I am looking forward to receive the receipt. By the way your response sounded aggressive for no reason. Cheers.
  8. Yes, the correct visa category for me at the moment is IR-1. However my discussion was about whether the NVC removes the applicant even after DQ because of the applicant's age. I have been removed automatically when I checked, I didn't informed NVC that I got married after DQ. Therefore I would like to know if anyone has faced the same situation. Thanks
  9. Hello there, thanks for your response. My PD is April 2007 and my D.O.B is 28th April 1995. I-130 was approved on 2011. I don't see any other valid reason rather than this. Moreover once you get DQ then applicant cannot be removed as well. Thus why I think I got removed due to my age.
  10. Hi there, I and my family is applicants of F4 family visa category. We received DQ email in October 2020. Recently I've logged in CEAC and noticed that my name has been removed from the applicants list while the other three family member including principal applicant remained unchanged. I thought this might be because my age is no eligible to move to USA in a F4 visa category. Therefore my question is DOES NVC REMOVE APPLICANT EVEN AFTER DQ DUE TO THE REASON I'VE STATED ABOVE? Thanks in advance.
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