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  1. Ok, thank you! So you can confirm that you can do everything without a lawyer, right? i'm kinda scared to do something wrong and to forget about something, but I want to do everything on my own even if I can afford a lawyer, but I don't know
  2. Thank you so much for your information! I would rather stay here and do the application there's no problem at all, even because in Italy there're still some issues due Covid-19 plus the flights for Italy are suuuper expensive right now and you barely find one and I know that the flights from Europe to USA and banned still and I will not be back I don't know how much. I just wanted to know if you have to send it by paper or you can file online, because here in Florida the offices are still closed.
  3. No, I came with a Q1 visa to work. I worked one year a Disney Springs and at work I met my actual husband. I forgot to say that I entered of March 11th of last year, my visa was for 15 months
  4. Hello, I'm Angela and I entered the United States, legally, with a Q1 Visa on March 11th. My visa is gonna expired on May 31st and I'm already married to my husband, that is a US citizen.My question is what do I need to do now? I know I need to file the I-130 form and that's all. Unfortunately, we're not able to afford a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure we can do this by our own! Waiting for some reply and I will appreciate your responses :)
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