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  1. I'd love to know if anything has progressed in your case in recent months.

    We're in Bolivia working to get an IR1. Still dealing with NVC at this point.

  2. Hi everyone! I know that US Embassies closed because of COVID but did they open yet?? I'm in the process of bringing my husband from Bolivia, we started the process in February of 2019 so we're about to hit the 2yrs. We were approved by NCV around April and because COVID happened everything stopped. Its been a while and I don't where our case stands and its very frustrating not knowing when we can have an interview date. Does anybody know if the US Embassy in Bolivia is open? Are they back doing interviews? I don't think they realize how hard is for us to be away from our spouses specially with everything that's happening.
  3. They have to be in color? Because I don't know what else could be wrong with birth and marriage certificate. They are original and have all signatures and everything. I feel helpless since they got rejected twice and I don't know what could be wrong. Thanks for answering.
  4. Hello, We're at NVC stage and they rejected my husband's birth certificate and our marriage certificate for the second time. I don't know what could be wrong with certificates. I thought by sending new certificates with the new formats they would accept them but today I checked and they got denied. I send the his birth certificate and notarized translation, the same with marriage certificate. VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: The certificates HAVE to be send in COLOR? I send them in black & white... Anybody that could tell me if they had this problem before? please help
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