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  1. Oh great! I mean we don't mind telling the truth that the form wasn't complete if it does come up at interview. Thank you!
  2. Oh okay. Don't they check and proof the information you submit on DS 160 prior to attending interview? So if we redo the form and submit the new conformation page, then the information on that new page is what they will be able to see?
  3. Hello Guys, so my fiance and i worked on DS16O form yesterday. He is from Ghana. He doesnt have much of a social presence. We only listed his instagram account and linkedin. I guess we somehow missed the part about LISTING ALLL social media. He had facebook but lost his password and has not used it since 2018. Should we fill out a new DS 160 and list the name for that old facebook account?
  4. since you didn't receive the email, where did you get notified of the approval?
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