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  1. I filed in January 2020 and my field office is Queens (used to be Brooklyn, we moved too). Haven’t heard anything since status changing to interview is going to be scheduled in April 2020. I am currently going through EAD renewal because I don’t think I’m going to get an interview anytime soon
  2. You’re welcome! Thanks for the offer, but I don’t have what’s app anymore
  3. Filed on Jan 22nd 2020 and also still waiting 😕 best of luck for you! I hope you get an interview soon
  4. Congratulations and thanks for sharing! I am glad to see movement at the NYC office. I filed End of January 2020 so I still have some waiting to do 🙁
  5. Queens field office here. No update since April 9th for my I-485 😔 I am going to renew my EAD now, because I don’t think there is an interview scheduled anytime soon.
  6. Hey guys! Did anyone get an interview appointment in New York recently? And if so, what’s your PD? My status changed on April 9th to ready to be scheduled for interview and no word on my I-485 since.
  7. Congratulations and good luck for the interview. When do you have it? Please keep us posted how it goes.
  8. Can anyone pls help me with this? My husband is LPR and we recently moved. We changed our address regarding my pending AOS procedure already (for I-130 and I-485). But as it is my understanding, he also needs to give his new address to DHS separately because of HIS status as LPR. At the beginning of the Address change mask they ask you: Do you have a pending case? Yes or No. I am unsure what to answer, because I don’t know if the fact that I adjust status and he filed an I-130 related to this, means he has a pending case although he already has his GC.
  9. Congrats! FO used to be Brooklyn but I recently moved to Queens. My I-485 status is on ready to be scheduled since April 9th.
  10. Are there any New York City filers our there? If so, has anyone gotten an interview at a NYC field office since they reopened? It seems to me that interview appointments trickle in from every field office but New York City’s 🙈
  11. No it didn’t. It went to card was mailed and then straight to card was delivered.
  12. I got approved on 06/16. Had status “Card was mailed to me” on 06/30 and got the card on 07/3.
  13. Thank you 😊 well, ideally yes. In my case it just stuck on „card was mailed“ and after delivery it changed to „card was delivered“ and the tracking number. I suggest you get informed delivery from USPS. If someone sends a package to your address you’ll see it there Even tracking number. So don’t worry, if the status doesn’t change!
  14. I already got it 😊 3 days earlier than informed delivery estimated. I would not rely on USCIS sending you a tracking number. Got mine after the card was delivered 😂
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