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  1. thank you, so from what I understand, the government has been taking a long time actually going through I-751 packages, so they're pretty much automatically giving 48 month extensions for simply sending your I-751 package in and expecting delay? which as you say, the extensions have been arriving about 1-2 weeks after they receive it.. which is pretty darn quick
  2. thank you. so after sending our papers in, typically how long has it been taking to receive the extension letter? Also, she *can* travel in/out of the country in the period between us sending the I-751 and before her actual green card expires, right? thanks again.
  3. Hi everyone, it's almost time to send our Form I-751 in and we're just trying to learn a bit more about this process. The date we can start sending it is 2/20, and we were previously told that we should send it in ASAP as soon as this day hits (no earlier either!). Can my wife who holds the green card travel in/out of the country after sending it in and not receiving any sort of approval (yet)? Or does one have to stay within the U.S. during the wait period before the government responds back? Also, we also have a wedding coming up the first week of May outside of the country (is it likely the new green card will arrive before then? How long does the I-751 process typically take?. Thank you
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