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  1. The thing is—I kind of am. I’m in a border city and all highways leading out have a border patrol inspection stop. The thing is I have no clue if border patrol agents are aware of what a NOA-1 notice is? I just feel that if they see it, they’d think it’s not Something valid.
  2. Hi everyone, so I received NOA-1 on May 21st and was advised that the next notice would be for the biometrics appointment. I still haven’t heard anything, so was wondering approx. how long it takes to receive anything from here on out? I also filed a form to be able to leave the country and to obtain a work permit. My I-94 is currently expired so I’ve been carrying my NOA1 with me and was wondering if there’s any issue with me travelling within the U.S. with this. Say a border patrol agent stops me at a highway inspection site, will he know what a NOA-1 is if he sees it? I want to avoid trouble. thanks a lot!
  3. Hi everyone, I sent out my papers to USCIS last week and still haven't heard anything. Checks haven't been cashed either. How long does it typically take to get a notice? Thanks
  4. Also, is there then any punishment for the spouse if the AOS application gets cancelled?
  5. We've sent the papers but not sure the USCIS will receive so fast.. Anyways, so once the USCIS receives it, the I-94 doesn't matter anymore, right? What happens then, if for any reason the USCIS rejects the application for whatever reason- what is the spouse supposed to do? Leave the country ASAP?
  6. at the interview, do they not notice that the packet was received after the I-94 expired?
  7. Hi, I'm about to send my packet to the USCIS but was wondering if the joint financial statements (example : joint credit cards/ bank accounts) are supposed to be provided at the interview or if this evidence is supposed to be sent in the initial package? I would like to wait until the interview to provide these but not sure if it must be done beforehand. thanks.
  8. So if my wife gets detained for whatever reason prior to USCIS receiving the packet, can she get deported and visa cancelled? what can happen? we don't want to break laws.. that border patrol agent we saw right now scared the ####### out of us saying she'll be here illegally and that she needs to leave prior to. If we send the I-539 next week, do you know approx. how long it takes for the USCIS to confirm I-485 as received? Will it matter if she's been here for weeks with no status? Thank you, I really appreciate the help. Sorry.. i'm freaking out.
  9. Thank you... so the problem is our packet isn't complete yet (waiting on a few documents) and her I-94 expires this Sunday. Even if I send the packet tomorrow (which I can't), the USCIS probably won't have received it until next week due to the weekend. So, there will be a time period between sending the packet and USCIS receiving it where technically, she'd not have legal status. not sure what to do.. is it necessary to file a I-539 to extend her I-94? not sure how long that takes either
  10. Sorry, all of this is kind of new to me... this seems like something I'd preferably need a lawyer to deal with, no? I checked and it says that an I-485 application can take months? So if we send the I-485 application tomorrow she's now legally in the country until we receive an answer? But we cannot continue filing for her green card as she does not have legal status? thanks.
  11. How? I just went to a border port of entry with my wife and the I-94 processing office was closed (due to COVID). A border patrol agent who was present said that if she's here after that date she's considered illegal. Maybe he was minsinformed? I'd appreciate any help!! thank you. I may have to get in contact with a lawyer ASAP Her B1/b2 visa expires in 2027, but I-94 expires on Monday.. not sure what to do.. Does anyone know how long it takes to process a new I-94 online via USCIS? thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, so I married my wife here in the states one month ago, we're almost about to second the documents to USCIS but I have two questions. 1) Her I-94 form expires next week and we still haven't sent the papers to USCIS. Is this OK considering we got married last month (does it buy her more time) or do we need to do something about this ASAP? 2) We currently do not have any joint financial statements. Does any joint financial statements/bank accts, etc. information have to be sent in the packet to USCIS or can this be presented at the interview? Thank you.
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