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  1. Hello I’m cr1 and my case in cairo and i will transfer it to UAE they will ask about army paper there I’m student
  2. I want to transfer because I can’t back to my country and I’m in tourist visa I just can’t back to my country because the army
  3. If the embassy said the reason why you want to request the transfer.what should i say I’m trying to transfer
  4. use the following site 

    put in type of visa 

    then office 


  5. I’m in potomac center can i know processing time in this center here?

  6. Does anyone’s get married in lebanon, i want to ask which marriage certificate I should send to uscis from baabda or what ?
  7. I’m egyptian i want to get married in lebanon how i did that because they need affidavit in Egypt so I’m thinking to get married in lebanon
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