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  1. thank you for your help. I need it fairly urgently so i can transfer work contract etc. Do i contact my local SSA office to expedite the process? How would i find out if the USCIS have submitted anything yet?
  2. hi thanks for your reply, at the moment i only have the paper green card in my passport. is there anything i can do the check it is being processed?
  3. I entered the US over 3 weeks on my newly issues green card from the UK. I paid the online fees straight away. I still have not recieved my SSN or any documentation from the US to my US residence? Do I need to do anything to initiate the process for an SSN etc?
  4. hi, thanks for your reply. The 846ez form, and request for W2 for the petitioner have automatically come up on my ceac account. They were not there before and it is saying "missing" which means i cannot submit any of my more upto date uploaded documents. The original application went in as a joint sponsor . I have i864 and i864a already accepted. randomly the i864ez has come up for the petinioner? In the meantime, since filing as joint, the petitioner has got a job very recently putting her above the poverty line. therefore we dont actually need the joint sponsor anymore. however, as she just started only a few months ago, she does not have a W2 or tax return. the only evidence is her contract, confirmation of employment and pay stubs + a confirmation from the IRS for a 2020 tax extension. Should i use this information on the i864ez form and upload all the evidence we have of her new job? and for the W2/ transcript section should I upload the extension document?
  5. I have my interview next week and got an email to say i am missing the W-2 / tax statement for my spouse. My spouse has not yet filed taxes in the USA, and has recently filled for an extension for her 2020 taxes which has been approved. She has only recently started a job, and therefore does not have a W2 yet. I have a family member acting as a co-sponsor and have uploaded their 2020 W2 and Tax return under their name. CEAC will not let me submit any of the documents until i upload something for my spouse in the W-2 / Tax Statement, along with a new I864EZ? What should I upload for the W-2 /Tax statement? Do i need to re-upload the original i864 or redo the i-864EZ? thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I have an interview for a family visa in the next few weeks in London. A family member in the USA is acting as a financial sponsor. I have their most upto date W2 and tax return (From 2021) but not their tax transcript. will this be okay to upload or do i need to obtain the tax transcript and upload?
  7. This is for a family F21 visa. The affidavit of support and all documents were uploaded to the NVC CEAC portal and all accepted. I have my interview soon, as as part of the required documents it says : " Form I-864, a contractual affidavit of support, must be submitted at the time of the interview for immediate relative and family-based applicants and employment-based applicants when a relative is the petitioner or has ownership interest in the petitioner’s business. Evidence submitted with the I-864 must be less than 12 months old." The documents i submitted were accepted within the year (Oct 2020), but do i need to re-do the form again with newer tax returns etc and take this with me?
  8. Hi, for a London interview, the instructions on website suggests that copies of things like the affadavit of support or tax returns etc are not required? Could somone confirm if this is the case or would they ask for these at the interview too? Best WIshes
  9. Does anyone how long after an interview at the London Embassy you can pick your documents? Is it quicker to arrange a courier?
  10. Hi, I am currently waiting an interview at the London embassy for an F2A visa. Based on my work and situation i may have a legitimate reason to apply for an expedition for an interview but i cannot find information on how one does this formally for F2A? Is anyone able to help me or provide a link to where it says how F2A visas can request and expedition and how to London please? I was Dqd in Oct 2020 Thanks in advance
  11. I have a priority date of Aug 2018, DQd Oct 2020. Does anyone have any idea when an interview will be scheduled for the F2A interview at the London Embassy?
  12. Hi, I am a spouse of a LPR and was DQ'd in early October. I understand Visas for LPRs are on hold until 2021. Does anyone know roughly how long it will be to have a interview scheduled at the London embassy based on my DQ date? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Thanks for that. Sorry my original post was in a different area (for LPRs) but got moved : ) I know that the LPR spouse visas are on hold like the K1s. My question is, when they are no on hold (when they go back to being processed) how long does it normally take for the london embassy to organise an interview. Just a ball park of if it will be 6months from when the proclamation runs out or longer etc.
  14. Hi Thanks for this. Are interviews also still going ahead for applications of spouses for legal permanent residents (not citizens)? there is currently a proclamation in place that has paused on green cards for LPR spouses until next year.
  15. Hi, I realise now because of the proclamation there are no interviews being done for spouses of LPRs. I was recently DQ'd. Does anyone have a rough idea of how long it takes for the interview to be booked for London interviews under normal circumstances??
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