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    We met while I was on holiday in Kenya Sept/06-Jan07. During my trip he took my son and I to the coast and pampered the hell out of us. After being inseperable we said some emotional goodbyes. After returning to the states we continued contact via sms and telephone and in the summer of 2007 decided to marry. We filed our K-1 visa in July. I returned to Kenya on election day (Dec 29, 2007) and stayed throughout the chaos until January 11, 2008. The trip was nothing like the first (sadly), but it was a brief chance for us to be together. While I was there we picked up his packet at the consulate and did his medical....THAT IS A FUNNY STORY! I told him that he would be asked to remove all of his clothing while they did a thorough body exam...he,he! The look on his face was PRICELESS! Anyhow, after another emotional departure (I hated leaving him there in all of that political upheaval) I returned home. I have been home a few weeks now and his interview is literally in just a few hours! This is basically a story of boy meets girl...boy hijacks girls' brain (and heart)...boy follows girl...and boy marries girl(hopefully, or else initiate plan B)!

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