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  1. @H8393When you have a moment, we are really interested in your Visa timeline. We've been waiting over a year now, and have contacted Madrid for information. They told us they were shut down entirely and not scheduling interviews or processing Visas. My fiance and I are very optimistic about your news and are just trying to understand how you got yours! (Congrats by the way!). Also, we have the same question with regards to the Birth Certificate. I believe there is information for people without an original BC, and as long as you provide a certified copy from the source (and the original one you receive) you should be fine. But it can't hurt to send them an email and confirm!

  2. There's a lot of information here, so I do apologize for this message being a bit redundant. But am I correct in my understanding that the US is granting K1 Visas (a literal pass for entry across the border), but not letting people in because of COVID? (And also not quite smart enough to extend this to people if they fly through a non-banned country?) I honestly assumed there would be no issue with my fiance traveling from Spain once our K1 Visa is approved (expected in November). But if we fly him through say, Dubai, there should be no issue?
  3. @BC97- I have to say, I've gone through so many lists. Even Kayak has it's own list, but I promise you, we've read all of them, and gone through everything. There are many locations, and it's best to try to find one with reasonable prices and flight durations (some of the connections from Europe are daunting to say the least - up to 46 hours). And then contact your embassy in that location directly to confirm. I've found Aruba to be the most friendly and clear thus far. But there is also Bermuda, the UAE, some states in Mexico. but as some have said, the border situation is changing every day. Puerto Rico is on many lists, and their website says they're open - however, we attempted to contact the embassies there to confirm, and no one could give us any confidence.
  4. Hey, @Sego, which state in Mexico are you traveling to? I think each state has its own restrictions... is that right? Thank you!!
  5. That's fantastic about Mexico! I was looking at their restrictions, and couldn't find anything that gave me much confidence. But I'm so glad to hear that! And very happy for you two! If you can, let us know how it goes when you get back. Enjoy!!
  6. I know, that's why we sought out to confirm with the Embassies, and no one has answered our question, so we're ruling it out for now. Unless someone here can confirm?!
  7. Hello friends, I'm hoping to begin a discussion (or find an existing one!) regarding the options we LDR-ers have for meeting our significant others in countries other than our own. As we all know, many borders have closed to international visitors since the beginning of the pandemic. Most information posted online is not being maintained as current, or lacks specific clarity. We've begun contacting local embassies and consulates general individually, but even they have been reluctant to give definitive answers. I am a US citizen, living in NY, and my fiance is a French citizen, living in Barcelona. Neither of our countries are currently permitting us to visit in our homes. We are looking for places to go this month - countries that are open to both US and EU travelers- so we can see each other for the first time in six months! I've also teamed up with a friend in a similar situation, with a boyfriend in the Netherlands, and we think we need more minds on this. If anyone is aware of a country with its borders open to both the US and EU, please let me know, and provide your confidence level and a source for this information, if you can ? I'm compiling this information in a Google Sheet, and I'll be happy to share with everyone here. So far, we've only been able to confirm Aruba (for July 1- EU, and July 10-US) - though the flight routes from Spain are far less than ideal, we can make it work if need be. We just want to explore all options, and find the most cost-effective and convenient option. We were also looking closely at Puerto Rico, but have sought confirmation from the local embassies, and they have either been reluctant to answer with any definitiveness, or have just avoided answering the question entirely. Even five minds are better than our four - but a hundred would be awesome! Thank you so much! Tara
  8. Thank you for sharing your email. I know I'm here for exactly that information, so I'm sure many others are as well. You're not alone! Hang in there.
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