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  1. Hello, I am looking at your banner :" May 11th, 2020: Hardcopy NOA1 Postmarked [Day 7 ] September 22nd, 2020: N-400 Interview Passed, Oath Ceremony Completed, Received Certificate of Naturalization [ Day 141] September 22nd, 2020: Journey Completed, I am now a citizen " Can I ask when did you get the interview notice ? by mail or any text msg? Thank you
  2. did you get a text message to check website or just check it randomly?
  3. Where are you. I have been flying back and forth (as I am a wedding photographer) so many times to work. I really love Denver!
  4. Usually it will count down to the next step: biometrics. but in the current situation, we have to wait until ASC to open
  5. so if the Dem wants more vote, they should take the chance right now ! fund the uscis and expedite the process lol
  6. anyone is counting down to June 4 like me? lol I thought I was at New Year eve counting down
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