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  1. Thank you, Thankfully, that's what I figured, but I will be discussing it with a family lawyer who has more knowledge in this. In texas and the state that I will potentially be moving to this summer. I can say to myself it must be legally more accessible since we were not married. That was a close one!😬
  2. Hello y’all, My fiancé and I had a rough patch where we ended up withdrawing the visa. During that time I went to his country (South Africa) and ended up pregnant. Long story short he decided to have another affair and I ended it for good with him. now I know no one is a “professional” but does he have any rights at birth or is there a way to have him sign them up? Which he is willing to do. Just don’t know anything about custody and international so getting experiences/ advices while also interviewing attorneys. thank you, sad and heartbroken 🥺
  3. Hello everyone, I am in a complicated situation...I was an idiot and reacted out of emotion and ended up canceling my petition for my fiance. I know I have to restart the entire process, and we decided to get married and do the I-130. The problem is I ended up pregnant during our last visit, and I was wondering how long is I-130 taking? Is it possible to give birth overseas, or is it better to give birth in America citizenship-wise for the child? Thanks :)
  4. Hello y’all, I have quite a few months til we get to the interview stage. However, I am curious does the South Africa allow the US citizen in during the interview? As I am planning on going a few days before the interview and then flying back if approved with my fiancé
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