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  1. Did you all get a sealed packet with your passport and visa? My husband just picked his up at the ASC and it's only his passport, no sealed envelop to turn in at immigration. I think I read somewhere that this might be because they do the papers online now, but wonder if anyone else had this experience...
  2. Relaying what my husband told me as I am in the US already. He arrived to the embassy a little before 8 am for his 8:30 am appointment. They didn't let anyone in until exactly 8:30 and he was the first to be called for the interview. The officer was friendly and conducted the interview in Spanish. She asked him how we met, why we waited a few years after marriage to apply for green card, and where we planned to live in the US. She asked for the tax transcripts, W2s and 1040s for me and our sponsor. He presented and was approved! Sounds like it was a simple and smooth experience.
  3. We DQ'd September 2, got the interview invite Dec 15th and had interview today (Jan 28). Hope it is quicker for you!
  4. Yikes that's a long time even considering the holidays. Hope you get it soon!
  5. Thanks! Luckily it's free to change tickets in COVID world, but disappointing travel may not work out as originally planned!
  6. How long has it been taken to get visa post interview? I read before that if you pick it up it is usually only a couple of days, but sounds like it has been taking longer? I little concerned because my husband's interview is Jan 28th and flight to the US is Feb 8th and it sounds like that may not be realistic!
  7. Lots of info in that thread, but my husband DQ'd in September and we decided to buy a ticket for him to visit the US in October. He traveled with his tourist visa and was honest at immigration when he arrived saying he was visiting his wife who he had not seen in months and awaiting his interview date. Important note that he is not working in the US or abroad, strictly visiting. My take is that if you are honest and do not plan to stay on the tourist visa it's fine! We were nervous but the immigration agent was friendly and wished him luck with his green card. He has stayed for a couple of months but will be returning for his interview in January.
  8. My husband also got his date this morning. January 28th in Buenos Aires! He DQ'd on September 2.
  9. My husband who DQ'd on Sept 2 got his IR-1 visa interview appointment today. January 28th!
  10. They do not need to be legally translated with the certificate from the colegio de traductores, but it doesn't hurt. Just a signed certification that the person who translated is fluent in both languages. We got the translations certified though. You definitely need to translate all documents to English for UCIS. At the Interview phase it is not necessary because consular officers are fluent in Spanish and English.
  11. Are we supposed to be checking the platform? How do I access it? I thought the NVC was to send us the date. We DQd Sept 2 and are still waiting.
  12. Hi! Still waiting on interview date in Buenos Aires. We DQd september 2nd. They seemed to be scheduling spousal interviews before, but have since stopped.
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