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  1. Hey all, just checking what the timeline has been like for persons in similar situation as myself. I am a J1 physician who is applying for a waiver via interested government agency ( Delta Region Authority). My application was sent to DRA in January with approval 4 weeks later. My recommendation was mailed off to the DOS on March 4th. Its now been 8 weeks and I have not yet seen an update on their website to suggest that they have received my package from the DRA. I checked the website today and they mentioned an 8 week wait for it to be uploaded, as there is some delay in getting the applications from St Louis to Washington DC. I am just checking what other persons experience is like. Is there a confirmation that persons receive once their application is complete? Im not even sure when to start counting, and my J1 visa expires June 30th, with no possibility of extending beyond my 30 day grace period. My timeline is below
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