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  1. Congrats @Melc I felt really rubbish today cuz I'm one of those waiting for my LND number and I was upset all day thinking this is never going to happen but the fact you've actually been to a normal, non-emergency visa appointment has really cheered up! I'm genuinely really happy for you, glad all is approved and you're a step closer to being in the US. p.s. when did you get your case number? before lockdown?
  2. My 8week mark is about to pass and I was planning on emailing them too. Have people just contacted them through the form on the site?
  3. Really happy to hear that everyone else’s I-130 approval are coming through. Welcome to the “Waiting for the LND Number” club
  4. Look I think the positive here for all of us waiting for the LND is that we all have had our approvals at different stages, which means @Morgan5698 and others that got their NOA2 just before lockdown will presumably be one of the first to get the LND, so that will give us a clearer timeline for those that got NOA2 after May. In terms of the USCIS field office, they obviously have been working to get NOA2s out because they're closing but the next step is through the IVU (which is basically closed) so I don't think we can use any previous timelines.
  5. That sucks man, sorry! Is this because you got your NOA2 before lockdown? I think it's safe to assume the IVU is not open yet (or opening slowly on a case by case basis) and as such we are better off disregarding the last few months as part of the timeline.
  6. Still waiting. I got my I-130 Approval on 13 May... trying to be patient
  7. That sounds really promising, perhaps they will start letting interviews take place and start sending out LNDs. 😬😬😬
  8. I received my approval in the post on 13 May. I know the IVU is closed but still sucks to know it's now nearly 6 weeks since receiving it and I haven't got my LND.... But I know so many others are in the same boat!
  9. Thanks. Are you also filing through the London embassy? Or did you file with an NVC
  10. Hi, Can I ask who you called for the case number? I’m waiting for mine for London IVU. Best, Gaz
  11. I just contacted them and received this reply from this email address LondonInfoUnit@state.gov. "Thank you for your email. As explained on our website at https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas111, we are unable to provide guidance about future visa applications or applications that have been in process since before March 20, 2020, at this time. If your question is not answered on that webpage or elsewhere on our website, we ask that you continue to monitor our website for updates, and reply to this message only after normal visa services have resumed. "
  12. Ah gotcha! Thanks for the clarification. Ive tried emailing the embassy but I get an automated response. Do you know of a direct number or email for the IVU in London?
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