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  1. Thanks for your replies! It's very interesting, it seems to be luck of the draw as to getting someone who is actually willing to help. TransUnion was particularly frustrating as I spent 1 hour and they said they couldn't help but would transfer the call, and after another hour or so I spoke to an agent who again flat out denied they were able to issue such a letter, despite telling them that others had got such a letter from TransUnion. It may be worth trying Experian using my wife's SSN, just to get through to someone, though I do doubt that I have had my credit card for long enough to have a credit score yet.
  2. Hey everyone, Hope everyone is safe and well. So I recently moved to the USA on a K1 visa a month ago, and I am currently sorting out paper work for the AOS, so in other words the i-485, i-944 and other required forms to submit. For part 3 of the I-944, it asks: 11. Do you have a U.S. credit report? 12. Do you have a U.S. credit score? I've gone online and called Annual Credit Score, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion (over 2 hours on hold!) to try to receive a credit score/report, but they require a Social Security Number (SSN). Unfortunately, I don't have a SSN and the SSA offices closed the day after I arrived - so I am unable to obtain one. I do have a credit card here as an authorized user of my wife's account, so I will start to build up a credit history, though it may be too recent to show up anyway. TDLR; Basically, does anyone have any suggestions on how to display evidence for the I-944 of not being able to obtain a credit report? I saw a similar post to this (click here), and feel we aren't the only ones in this situation. The best we've been able to think of is screenshots of websites of errors on credit reporters when applying, and the closure of SSA offices - and/or providing a notarized affidavit explaining the situation (but this may be tricky, given the need for witnesses and evidence). I even asked the credit reporters about being to provide a letter on their behalf, to state that I am unable to get a credit report. The best I got was a 'shaky maybe' from Equifax, if I write to them with evidence of identification - but this won't come for approximately 30 working days. Ideally though, we want to be sending the AOS forms off ASAP, and want to make this application 'watertight'. Any thoughts and help would be much appreciated - thanks!
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