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  1. oh no worries. Which date did you apply and which date did it arrive?
  2. When did your Passport show as "Mailed"? I did expedited on 30th March, it changed to "In-Process" on 2nd April. No new update since then, now I am doubting if it will come in 2 weeks.
  3. IMO Walgreens takes better photos for passport. I went to CVS first but they didn't do a good job, so I then went to Walgreens. It might be that particular CVS though, they were really busy that day and the manager had to take my picture, so it might be that.
  4. Thank you so much! It does states Certificate Of Naturalization as a Primary ID, so she can just use that for Proof of ID as well.
  5. Hey everyone, my mom does not have an ID Or Drivers License, on the passport application it says to bring a Proof Of Identity. What is she suppose to take then along with Naturalization Certificate ? Also is there a requirement to fill the Passport application with a certain color ink?
  6. Does anyone know how long is the Expedited Passport taking to come in the mail for DFW people? It is worth paying extra?
  7. Does anyone know how long is the Oath Ceremony conducted at the Irving office? -
  8. Oath on 22nd March Can anyone please guide me what documents do I have to take to the oath ceremony? Also what documents to the Passport Office (Post Office) for applying for Passport? Thanks!
  9. Interview on 2nd February and still the Oath is not scheduled yet. Is it because of the weather conditions we had or need to wait more for the Oath to be scheduled? I know @bzbee had his interview in Feb too. Is your Oath scheduled yet?
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