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  1. Make sure it doesn’t look like you married an American for a green card, dumped them, then decided to get a bride from back home. Unfortunately this happens and probably why they make you wait the 5 years.
  2. Ok - that’s fine. We have time spent in person. I just didn’t know if the letters would help or not. Thanks for the responses 🙂
  3. When petitioning for your spouse to join you in the USA (from another country)... is it suggested for both parties to submit a letter about your story and intent (As part of your evidence) or would that do more harm than good? Thanks.
  4. No such thing really as Medical Insurance in Pakistan but good suggestion none the less. Thanks
  5. That’s the problem with fraudsters - they don’t really show their true colors until they get that green card in hand and then it’s too late.
  6. I didn’t realize that. I thought you had to have a ss#. Thank you.
  7. If you read my initial post - we are currently living in separate countries.
  8. Thanks - I did add him to my employment but I can’t add him to my health insurance until November during open enrollment.
  9. How do we amp up the bonfire marriage evidence (Finances together Part) if you both live in different countries? My husband has his own business and he said he could add my name to that - but thinking cynically, like immigration appears to, will that even matter to them? Any other suggestions? He sends money to me and such. That even makes me paranoid thinking that immigration will think it’s a pay off. GOOD GRIEF - I was going to call the bank and see if I can put him on the bank stuff but not sure if they need a ss#? Thanks
  10. Are the Immigration agents suspicious that the marriage may fraudulent on both sides or that the Immigrant (Pakistani) in this case, is trying to hustle the applicant?
  11. I happened upon some articles last night about some changes POTUS is making about public charge immigrants. Becoming a public charge can now jeopardize the ability for the immigrant to maintain their Green Card status. He wants them out. There have been a handful of states that have filed law suits against this of course. Google it and you will find the articles. I say good on the POTUS for making that road not so easy for those that come here, don’t have disabilities or other issues that keep them from working. This may not be a popular opinion but it’s mine. One sided marriage fraud is very hard to prove because those immigrant people are shady/crafty criminals. They enter the marriage with thag objective unbeknownst to the Partitioner. Happens in every country.
  12. My husband, who is the immigrant, is paying for everything because that is how he is. I didn’t tell him about the document translation fees (which I am going to go ahead and pay for). Like it’s been stated - every couple is different with how they handle their finances. Just be sure that you have a good understanding with each other because you are seeing this person in action and that won’t likely change. I would say this to any couple. The most argued topic between couples is usually about money.
  13. I think the I-864 is excessively binding. I think up 5 years would be sufficient if even that. It’s especially frustrating for those that have been frauded for a green card and then still have this obligation. I know more than one person this has happened to. It’s interesting how much work and stress immigration makes us go though. With that being said, there is virtually no help for those people That get played by someone. The hypocrisy....
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