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  1. He would be coming with his IR-1 (hopefully), but i've seen in other forums that spouses were able to fly in on just the ESTA to visit their spouse.
  2. Hi, We have our interview coming up soon and I had some questions about my husband traveling in from Europe with the COVID travel restrictions. If my husband has his IR-1 visa on hand, and has our original marriage certificate with him (I won't be able to be traveling with him), will he be able to fly directly from Germany into one of the 13 airports processing essential European travel? I've seen so many different things, so I want to make sure others have done this successfully before we purchase his ticket. Thank you!!!
  3. Yes. I added him as a joint sponsor, not a household member. We used Form I-864. We got DQ and everything was fine with what we submitted.
  4. Hi everyone, My joint sponsor is self-employed and I have submitted tax transcripts, as well as Schedule C's for him since he filed married-file-jointly. If I have submitted the tax transcripts and Schedule C's, do I still need to submit 1099's? Also, there is so many types of 1099's, so do I have to submit all of them? Or just a certain type? Really confused about this and would love some insight to what other people did.
  5. Hi everyone, I am confused about the I-864 affidavit of support. I have enough income to meet the poverty guideline threshold, but it is not a significant amount more. I wanted to voluntarily use my dad as a joint sponsor as a safety net for our application. I am currently living with my dad so at first I thought he should use form I-864A. Is it true that the I-864A cannot be used if the main sponsor makes enough income? Would he be able to just be a general joint sponsor (rather than a household member) and use the I-864 even though we live together currently? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, fellow November filer here, and i've been following the updates on this thread. I've been approved!! PD: 11/8/2019 NOA2: 5/12/2020 No transfers, no RFEs. Case was at Nebraska. I had date changes on 12/10, 2/23, 5/1, 5/11 and then finally on 5/12. I was so happy and surprised to see my approval this fast, because I didn't think it would happen until August or September. I hope you all get approval soon, too!
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