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  1. From what I have observed on Reddit, its usually 4-5 weeks before. I am in the same boat and tried calling to find out the date but they asked me to wait for the letter.
  2. How many days after your fingerprints were taken did you guys see movement in your case? Fingerprints were taken and updated in the system 6 days ago, so far no updates. Expedite request was created 4 days ago, no movement on that front as well. PD 5/12/20 Biometrics applied : 2/2/21
  3. Wow, this gives me so much hope. Congratulations!!!! Please keep us updated.
  4. Finally after what feels like a 100 years the tier 1 agent told me that my biometrics for just I-485 has been scheduled for Feb 16th. There was no mention of I-131/ I-765 and she said the ASC might schedule another bio appointment for those when they have availability. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do they use the same set of prints for everything? Kinda worried that I would be asked to wait again. PD: May 12th, 2020 Bio: Feb 16, 2021 (have not received appointment letter yet)
  5. Thanks! I did that too, congressman rep called me and I provided all the details, she made a USCIS inquiry on my behalf. Waiting to hear back now.
  6. Did you contact your representative first or the congressman directly? I contacted my representative first but haven't heard back a thing.
  7. Any May filers still waiting for biometrics appointment or is it just me? Tried everything (multiple service requests, tier 2 agent requests, ombudsman request, representative request), nothing seems to work. PD is 5/12.
  8. Honestly, the thing that bothers me is just how rude everyone is. And getting information out of them is like pulling teeth. I am hoping that Il have more luck next time when both my applications have crossed the USCIS processing time. Waiting for the I-765 to catch up to priority date. Don't think it will change anything, but 🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. My PD is May 12th. Raised a case inquiry and was told to call back after 30 days which is next week. I got the pleasure of talking to the rudest person on planet earth on my last call. They told me that they will create another service request if my current service request does not get answered within 30 days. Another agent told me it should be 30 business days. Yet another agent told me that I should have received something after 15 days. I swear they are making up rules on the spot now. At this point, I just want to be able to go home and that just seems like such a distant dream.
  10. i tried calling and after 45 minutes was told that "there are no updates for my case"
  11. Congratulations Sean! It's terrible how they are handling it. I am going to call them this afternoon.
  12. Same. Can anyone else chime in. Emma is not very useful when trying to find out when biometrics appointment will be scheduled. Can anyone let us know what worked for you.
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