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  1. Thankyou all for quick response, I'll assist the situation for next 2 weeks and made some decision
  2. Thankyou all for quick response. I will try to contact embassy for returning flight. Oh definitely I've full medical/travel insurance since the day 1. I'm also thinking to apply Online I-539, separately for both, pay separately fees for both. As it might take less time than the paper filing, not sure.
  3. Than what should i do ? any advice, my parents are in there 80's.
  4. My parents are currently on B2 Visa and arrived here in the US last year, there return flight was March 31, 2020 and there stay is good until May 15, 2020 only, and due to Corona Virus, Pakistan closed international flights on March 20, 2020, Now my parents are stuck, I just filed (I-539 + I-539A paper) to extend there stay here with me so in-case if flights still closed till May 15, there should have there extend visa, Do you think that USCIS worker still working and able to get response before May 15 ?
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