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  1. @payxibka What sort of questions were they asking? And did it seem like a problem? I'm assuming she was working during that period of time remotely.
  2. It would be good to know whether there's been anyone who has had their green card declined due to this issue. Judging by forums I've read, I can't see anyone who has said that their green card has been denied because of it. By the time I have my interview for my green card, I will have finished my role at the end of July so it doesn't feel like it should be a deal breaker but good to know what other people have been through.
  3. I am in the USA, having arrived a few weeks ago on my K1 visa. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to come over much earlier than planned because of the travel restrictions. I am currently working remotely for my UK-based employer, doing the same job I've been doing for over two years but I am reading really conflicting views online about whether this is allowed, and it seems to be a very grey area. Some people seem very certain that it's okay because it's not a US based employer, and I'm not doing work for a US business, whereas others are saying any form of employment is not okay. My employment ends with them on the 31 July and I've been honest on my forms ready to submit to the USCIS, but I am wondering whether I need to try and leave earlier than that and terminate my employment ASAP?
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