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  1. Yeah! I have the trip schedule for over a month. Plus I've been to the US twice already and in both times they granted me a 180-day stay.
  2. Well, that's how the Brazilian law goes. Also I have 180 days to validate it upon arrival in Brazil after getting married in the US. Consulate, embassy, I mixed those up. Anyways, after validating it in the Consulate or Embassy, either in Brazil or in the US, I have to register it in the Federal Registry. That's how it goes. But anyways, I'll get a lawyer for that. My main doubt in this post was about the name change and joint bank account. Solving things in Brazil is easy for me. My concern is the things I have to do in the US. And if the name change affects my I-130 if my Brazilian documents have my single name instead of married name.
  3. as a brazilian, if i use the k-1 visa, technically i am getting married abroad (from my home country) I'm sorry if i caused a misunderstanding
  4. Hi! This might e a little off-topic (and if I'm not allowed to do this, I am so sorry) but I was wondering if any of you know any articles, thesis or any kind of academic work about international relationships, marrying abroad and using the k-1 visa. I am currently planning on applying for a k-1 visa and I am also in my last semester of college and I'm thinking of doing my final project on this kind or relationship. If any of you are academics, professors or anything similar and/or going through the k1 process, I would love to hear if any of you have any knowledge on that!
  5. Yeah, we don't need a joint sponsor. I was referring to lawyer fees, we can't afford a lawyer and we have to figure this out on our own.
  6. I'm sorry hahaha English is not my first language and all this immigration stuff is new to me so I get confused I meant without a visa
  7. She crossed the US border undocumented, without any kind of visa
  8. 10 year ban? This is all new to me and honestly I am completely lost lol She has been here for more than 10 years though My fiancé said that they tried to get her the GC/citizenship (I'm not sure), but they couldn't for some reason. I don't really know why, but I do plan getting more information about it on the near future so we can figure out a way for all of us to stay in the US legally. Right now my main focus is figuring out how to get in the US to marry my fiancé without putting her at risk. But it appears that the K1 is the only way, so we'll probably a apply for it and go from there. Unfortunetly, we are both 22 and money is kind of an issue right now, so we couldn't go any further than the free initial consultations with lawyers, but we'll keep fighting through it and hopefully we'll get there without any complications.
  9. Thank you! Yeah, I've seen two similar posts here in VJ, but they were from 2018 and there is no outcome from it. Chances are me and my fiancé are going to apply soon, so I'll be posting the progress here in hopes to help people in the same situation in the future. I just hope everything goes right.
  10. Thank you for your answer! Yes, it's the USC's mother who's here undocumented. I've here that when it's the beneficiary's mom it's more risky, because they usually ask about it. But in our case, it's the petitioner's mom. She lives in New Jersey. I know we only put her city of residence there, but she lives in the same address as my petitioner, which we do put on the form, so there's my fear.
  11. Hi, everyone! So I am a foreigner who's engaged to an american citizen. We want to start the k-1 visa process as soon as we can so we can get married. But we face a problem. His mom entered the country illegally and has been living in the US for a long time undocumented. In the form I-129f, we have to put his mom's Contry of Birth, Country of Residence and City of Residence. We know we cannot lie to immigration, that is not the point. But we do have some questions that have been bothering us are: Has anyone gone through the same situation or similar? Do you think going through this process could put her in the immigration radar? I know they don't ask for the status on the form, but do you think this process could lead to a situation dangerous for her? Thank you in advance!
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